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Soul Trip

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Unzip the source distribution, cd to the resulting directory, and run `python` to start the game.


Don't go into the light!
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Overall: 3.7
Fun: 3.6
Production: 4.1
Innovation: 3.5

Respondents: 15


File Uploader Date
Soul Trip Source Distribution V3
assertivist 2014/10/12 23:13
Soul Trip - Title Card
paperstarships 2014/10/11 22:43

Diary Entries

Time for a journal entry.

We finally got around to naming this thing. I got some backgrounds & cards done, and took a whack at the music/sound effects today. Mike's polishing up the characters and animations; assertivist is putting the final touches on the game (while we're still technically able to upload). There's never enough time.

Hopefully we'll get a playable version up for everyone soon. :)

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Here's what's up.


  • You've been selected to be sacrificed to the gods! Sacrifices take place in one very tall room, with the assistance of the community mystics. Let yourself be taken to the heavens, or collect life force and return to Earth.

  • Grab the orbs representing your life force to fill up the bar on the left. Once your life force is full, your ghost will return to your body (to the awe and dismay of the mystic).

  • Avoid the incantations - the mystics want your soul to reach the gods and they have the incantations to make your journey to the next world that much faster. Each incantation will lower the bar on the left, draining your life force.

  • Your ghost will become pale with each hit, and momentarily become more opaque as you collect life force.



    Soul Trip - no Numeric required

    Please click here (google drive) for a source distribution of Soul Trip that does not require Numeric/numpy.

    I know this is a problem dependency on Windows machines (I had a few DNWs from last competition for this reason). It turns out I really don't need Numeric to do what I'm using it to do this time around, so I thought I'd post an patched source distribution that only requires pygame and python 2.7.

    This still has other (non-fatal) bugs that I did not fix so that everyone gets the same experience. I really didn't manage time well...

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