PyWeek - Team Hopeless Opus - feedback

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4 5 3

Really fun! This got challenging after a while. The concept isn't incredibly new, but it's
definitely a very polished game. I like the small details like the spirit becoming happy after
gathering a number of orbs. The background looks really nice, I like the window panes with the
stars behind them. Kudos to the artist! Overall, very nice work!

4 4 4

Very nice game!

Beatiful graphics, interesting concept and good gameplay

It is probably not possible to win, right? At the end I only got some runes instead of text, and
the game got harder till I died (or ascended, technically I already was dead ;) )

Only got a problem with quitting the game, had to kill -9 it

2 3 2

Not much of a game — avoid one thing and collect the other. But good job on the art, and art
direction! Especially the tower looks brilliant. It looks great overall. The controls are
not responsive enough and the frame rate is terrible. Why would you use numpy and euclid for
something like this? You have overcomplicated something in the code. This detracts from your
production score.

4 4 3


3 4 4

Nice graphics and original story

4 5 3

Wonderful :-) The graphics and musics are really nice, and the controls are pleasants.

4 4 3

Great graphics, I loved the look of the game.

4 4 3

Nice graphics, really good production! Too bad there is no kind of achievement or ending
screen for getting through the seven screens.

3 4 4

Nice, original concept. Great graphics and sound. Good production scores. To be honest I
didn't find the game particularly fun, can’t say I’d sit and play this game for anymore than a
few minutes and then seen it all. But for those few minutes, it is entertaining.

3 5 4

Very cool graphics and music. Very creative idea. The controls are nice and responsive. The
game was just too easy, is all. I played through and tried to get reincarnated, then I played
through and tried to ascend, then I played through and tried to last as long as possible, and
they were all not very challenging. Some kind of progression of difficulty would have gone a
long way. But yeah, there's a lot about this entry that I liked. Keep it up!

4 4 4

Very interesting idea and implementation. The graphics and sound are really great and add to
the overall atmosphere. The intial view of the ghost was a bit faint - I didn't see it for ages and
throught the game was broken! Overall really nicely done.

5 5 5

This is a very simple game, but it's unexpectedly very fun. It's a very neat idea, very
well-polished, and I love the difficulty curve. Also, looking at the source code, it looks
like it doesn't have a plateau of difficulty; if so, that's great!

I also really like how the game uses a made-up language when it runs out of English text to
display. It seems it displays the same "rune" text over and over again, but I didn't notice this
while playing.

4 4 4

It runs rather slowly on my machine. It seems to be intentionally difficult to control.
However the production value is good and the concept is fun.

3 4 3

Fun for a short while but no variation between the levels apart from the speed.

3 2 3

Nice game. Point is a little morbid.