One third of Hopeless Opus. Illustrator & Designer trying to disturb the world, less-often with my prickly fingers.


PyWeek Game Team Rating
24 DNF Hopeless Opus #6 0.00
23 Ms. Information Hopeless Opus 5 3.69
21 Hopeless Opus the Fourth Hopeless Opus the Fourth DNF
20 igikikat gribrod Hopeless Opus the Third 2.69
19 Soul Trip Team Hopeless Opus 3.71
18 Idle Team Hopeless Opus 3.90

mikekronberger's awards

Cultural Hero Presented by Unicorn Markets for Ms. Information

Mad Flava Presented by iminurnamez for Ms. Information

Do you speak-a my language? Presented by wezu for igikikat gribrod

Snrbsnarptitude prbmlo Presented by paulpaterson for igikikat gribrod

Don't go into the light! Presented by grummi for Soul Trip

Best drawn gfx Presented by mvuets for Idle