The new HUD and most of the advancements of day 2.

Deep Death

This game is about a lonely man (you) trapped in a single room in space after an explosion from the first space station in your neighbor solar system. You must find a way to communicate with your home planet before you run out of oxygen!


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Overall: 2.9
Fun: 2.7
Production: 3
Innovation: 3.1

21% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 11


File Uploader Date
Deep Death Windows v2.zipfinal
.exe for Windows. READ THE README! FILE
foxhunter12 2014/10/11 21:47
Deep Death SC v2.zipfinal
Source code for other OS's besides Windows. Information for what is needed is in the readme! file. This is also useable in Windows obviously.
foxhunter12 2014/10/11 21:36
Deep Death Windows.zipfinal
.exe for ease to play on windows. Read the README! file.
foxhunter12 2014/10/11 16:13
Deep Death SC.zipfinal
Source code (.py) for Linux/OSx/etc. You need to read the readme file for the dependencies required.
foxhunter12 2014/10/11 16:09
The new HUD and most of the advancements of day 2.
foxhunter12 2014/10/06 01:48
DD v
Updated unfinal version, barely any gameplay yet, but just releasing it for anyone to check out. To launch use the default Python IDLE 3.4.1 program and place the folder anywhere then open the .py file with IDLE. Tkinter is built in for most OS's.
foxhunter12 2014/10/05 22:41
The game so far. Working on HUD
foxhunter12 2014/10/05 19:26
DD v 1.7z
The menu and basic storyline plus the help menu. Just place the folder anywhere and run with the default Python IDLE 3.4.1 program. Tkinter is built into python.
foxhunter12 2014/10/05 07:23
The main menu so far.
foxhunter12 2014/10/05 02:19

Diary Entries

Beginning Deep Death.

I have started the base code for the game, just simple Tkinter window setup and buttons. Will work on images after main menu is complete.

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Finishing the Main Menu

I have begun finishing the graphics for the main menu of my game. All I need are the buttons to be placed then the help menu finished. The only bump in the road is for some reason tkinter is not wanting to accept partially transparent images via pack, grid, or place and only canvas functions. Therefore I am unable to make a partially transparent image into a button at the moment, but that should be fixed soon. I will continue the updates throughout my progress and end up adding screenshots as DD progresses.

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Finished Main Menu

As of 22:50 Est. time I have finished the graphics and other stuff for the games' main menu and help menu. The help button leads you to the help menu and you press 'esc' to go back to the menu. Start button leads you to a blank screen and exit button brings you out of the game. Now to work on the intro sequence to the game. Most likely a small story and a couple of pictures explaining the plot. Then onto the actual game!

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Finished Story

Story and pictures finished. Will begin gameplay tomorrow or late tonight. So far good! Art is a mix between pixilated and normal so it's slightly unique. Can't wait to continue!

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Finishing the Graphics for the Game.

I am now finishing the room and space behind it. I am next doing the machines and things inside the room and then the win/lose screens and the table and stats graphics.

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All That's Left..

Now all that is left before the actual gameplay and crafting (etc), is the HUD for the item you are looking at, actions, inventory, etc. I have added a countdown timer set at 2 minutes so far. I may change it before I finish the game, but for right now 2 minutes seems like a good little challenge. The game should be finished by Thursday or so, right now I have really only worked on the graphics and menus. This is turning out to be a fun and new experience doing Pyweek and I can't wait for next years Pyweek 20 and 21! Quick note, if anyone knows anything similar to Pyweek please inform me because this is more fun that creating a large game at my own pace, exciting more than anything.

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Getting There

I am going to take a break after a couple hours of coding and art. I have added the table on the left side to display your inventory, item you have clicked, actions available, and what has been accomplished. Though the only thing I got to before now was the click on the item and it displays what it is on the display. After the break I am going to code in most likely the inventory area, then the objectives, then the items inside the items (like paper in a desk). Finally after that I will add the crafting system and the win/lose system. It's a long road ahead of me, but it's been 2 days and I am most likely 30-40% done which is good. Wish me luck. -- Hunter K. -- Variant Productions

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Sum of Day 2

It is the end of day 2 of PyWeek 19 and I am feeling quite good about how DD is going and the progress made. I have added the frames and labels necessary to make the HUD (Object clicked, actions, inventory, etc.) also all the objects themselves, most all the art, and the coding for clicking an object to bring up its' name under "Item: " in the HUD. Now all that is left is coding the actions for all the objects, the items inside the objects, the crafting combos, and the win/loose phases. So far PyWeek has been a great experience and am glad I entered this year.

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Day 3

I have had quite the large day on Monday of Pyweek 19. I have finished all the click actions for the items (when you click on them, stuff appears) and the clock now turns orange at 50 and red at 30 to simulate almost out of time. The bigger stuff is I added the actions. Only 2 actions per button are finished (Examine and Nevermind) and am working on finishing them. After that all I have left is the crafting system and the system to place the solar panel and then win/loose! Wish me luck! -- Hunter K. Variant Productions

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The game is finished with music made by my brother Travis Kepley and should be uploaded shortly (it's a .exe file!) There is a problem with the server of Pyweek or something, it won't upload, I have been trying for awhile (just continuously loads the page I am on when I press upload.) I will keep trying though!