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Very atmospheric sound, I think it fits the game theme nicely.

The "puzzle" seems very simple, but the game didn't seem to recognize the solution every time.
I'm fairly sure I put all items together and pushed the "craft" buttons several times, without
the game producing the generator.

2 3 2

Couldn't craft any items

1 1 1 yes

ImportError: No module named tkinter

3 3 3

Pretty cool for a tkinter game! It is nice to have a background story, and the timer actually
makes the first play kind of exciting.

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Hard to understand and no menu. The gameplay is fun once you get it.

2 3 3

Nice little adventure game but with very little to do. I liked the 'crafting' idea but the
interface needed more feedback.

2 3 3

I never figured out the crafting.

4 3 4

Very frustrating,but fun, you want to get out of that room so bad.

1 1 1 yes

Problem reading some graphics files ("couldn't recognize data in image helper.png")

1 1 1 yes

Running for osx 10.8, python 3.4.2. Couldn't get the game to run, some sort of tkinter error
loading graphics files. File "", line 17, in helper = PhotoImage(file =
"helper.png") _tkinter.TclError: couldn't recognize data in image file "helper.png"

3 3 2

I like the interface. It was pretty well done. Crating system interfaces are usually pretty
clunky, but this was easy to use. It was actually kind of thrilling, hoping I would finish in
time. What I thought was really lacking was a more puzzle aspect. I pretty much clicked
everything until it worked. I didn't really need to think about it.

3 3 4

I could not figure out how to win! After getting the key and opening the cabinets, I finish with
everything on my craft table, desperately clicking on "Craft" if ever some magic will make all
that stuffs become energy! But the atmosphere is good. Especially, the background sound
makes you feel some pressure.

3 3 3

Nicely done for your first completed game! I like that there's such a quick time limit, it made
for some fast thinking and also a quick game playable at any time. Cute scenario for the game,
too. :)

4 4 4

This is really awesome the first time i got all the items it would not let me craft the final item
but the second time it work. But over it was really fun good job!