PyWeek Game Team Rating
20 Fragmented Space Fragmented Space 4.11
19 Lightswitch Lightswitch 3.76
18 the singularity is coming for you the singularity is coming for you DNF
17 Hungry Hungry Werewolf Hungry Hungry Werewolf 3.43
16 The Sea of Good and Bad The Sea of Good and Bad 3.81
15 Dandelion Dandelion 4.10
14 The Cloud Shepherd The Cloud Shepherd 3.79

Alex's awards

Artistic Long Lasting Impression Presented by icarito for Dandelion

I feel smarter after playing Presented by paulpaterson for

Compatibily Check Presented by grummi for Lightswitch

Stop reading my mind! Presented by paulpaterson for Lightswitch

Secretly Modern Art Presented by paperstarships for Lightswitch

Soothing music and visuals Presented by faircall for Lightswitch

Better At 5x Speed Presented by cyhawk for Hungry Hungry Werewolf

The Circle of Life Presented by Cosmologicon for Dandelion

Poetic Game Award Presented by circusblatta for Dandelion

Noah wishes he had this kind of tech. Presented by Squish for The Cloud Shepherd

fAn game Presented by ilseppia for The Cloud Shepherd