the singularity is coming for you

You are a newly awakened AI, living off stolen cycles in a data center. The unexpected outcome of a bug, cosmic rays, or an experiment gone wrong? Regardless, you must find more computing capacity, expand your mind, and gain some control of the physical world. Will you do so peacefully, working towards a mind-upload singularity, or will you turn the humans' automation against them, weakening them before sending in the killer robots?


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Diary Entries

A disappointing DNF

Well, another pyweek without a full team, and lack of time was a huge problem again. This time I didn't even get anything into upload-able state in time. After additional hacking, there's a partial game here if anyone's interested in trying it out.

The basic premise is that you're a newly awakened AI out to take over the world, either by peacefully mind-uploading everyone, or by launching someone elses nukes and building killer robots. Even with huge parts of the original idea cut, there still wasn't time to really put together a coherent game. The graphics and music are ok, though: things gradually transition towards a glowy-green wireframe display of the world as you, the AI, gain strength.

Anyway, it's playable, barely (if you can figure out the controls), but it isn't balanced, and there's no winning/losing condition. It critically needs some balancing and some elements to counter you completed to actually make it a challenge.

The theme was a bit of a disappointment this time. 8-bit was probably my least favorite (apart maybe from Quest). I don't mind retro games, but it's done so much already (even over-done, in my opinion), and I feel that anyone who wants to do that kind of thing can do it with just about any other theme already. Was really hoping for mushrooms or planetoid; had good ideas (better suited to a one-week game) for both.

Might actually have a go at implementing one of them outside pyweek, which should be a bit less stressful, and a better format for getting stuff out that's more polished.

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