Hungry Hungry Werewolf

A starved werewolf stalks through the shadows, hunting for a meal while avoiding discovery.


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Overall: 3.4
Fun: 2.9
Production: 3.5
Innovation: 3.8

Respondents: 17


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Hungry Hungry Werewolf
Alex 2013/09/08 20:37

Diary Entries

Werewolf -- medium rare

At least, it's certainly not well done. The team was diminished this time (Daniel on vacation), and while I hacked something together, time was a huge problem, and it shows. The result is missing tons of fairly important features (e.g. passable art, interesting puzzles, a title screen/menu, music, ...). And all this despite having a fairly good idea of what the game was supposed to be before the last day, which is a first!

Still, it is playable, barely. :) You're a hungry werewolf, transformed by the full moon, and you need to find something to eat back and then sneak back to your house without being discovered. The villagers apparently never sleep, so stick to the shadows, and watch the shadows shift as the moon circles the sky (wait, that's not how astronomy works? oh well...).

The underlying engine is actually in fairly good shape, so with the right art, models, and level design I think this could've turned out pretty nice. Other things that were planned were patrolling guards (with torches), a level with two moons (will be tricky to stick to the shadows here), being chased by and having to evade guards rather than instantly being caught on discovery, voice acting for the werewolf, a nifty title screen, music (composed, but not recorded, no time; will save it for some other game), etc.