PyWeek - Hungry Hungry Werewolf - feedback

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4 5 4

I don't normally care for stealth games, but the core mechanic here was really interesting and
intuitive. I agree that it needs to be sped up considerably, and I would have liked some
gameplay elements other than just going from point A to point B, but I still had a bit of fun. I
just tabbed over to Chrome and surfed the internet for 30 seconds or so while I was waiting. :)

3 4 4

I like the idea, but there's a bit too much waiting around for the shadows to move for my taste.

2 4 3

Very nice shadow effects. Addictive gameplay! Great stuff!

3 4 4

Solid game. Timing one's movememnts is quite tricky, and it's not always clear exactly what
the trigger between being merely seen and being discovered is, but the mechanics are solid and
the game is quite fun.

3 4 4

A good idea, well executed. Another mechanic like people patrolling could have made it a bit
more interesting (and some more fer in the voice acting!) but overall well done

4 4 4

Voice acting, 3D realtime, dynamic shadows, novel idea... this ain't bad, ain't bad at all.

3 4 3

This is visually cool, and I like the sounds :) The game was pretty fun, and I also think it is a
good idea.

3 3 4

Good stealth game. I love the graphics. A LOT. I miss some polishing like having a menu, sound
and stuff like that, so I can't give you more points in production. The game could be more
amusing if it wasn't so unforgiving, but anyway a very solid entry. Congratulations!

3 2 4

Everything seemed tiny and moving along a diagonal wall was difficult.

2 3 4

Shame it's not more complete, could have been fun

3 3 4

The balance is off - it's way too hard. I like the voices

3 3 4

Nice stealth concept and take on the theme. The gameplay gets a bit repetitive once you
understand the mechanics, though. Funny human voices and the graphics do the job quite well.
Could have used a title and end screens though. Overall a good effort.

3 3 3

Neat concept, and I kinda like the graphical style. With some more polish this could actually
be pretty fun!

2 2 4

Game needed some code fix to play (not visible player). I finally made it following your posts,
you should recap the lines to be changed. I liked the idea.

4 5 5

The game is well done (not medium rare :-)) and i like a lot the use of moonlight and the use of
werewolf for the theme. Maybe to be perfect the game needs some other elements (bonus/malus,
music, ecc.)

3 4 4

Very nice game - it looks like it could be amazing with a bit of extra time. I liked the 3d shadow
effect and the overall look of the game. The voice acting was a nice addition to give it a bit of
character too! The control was a bit too constricting - it would probably have felt better if
you could move faster and if the shadows were a bit wider with maybe a blurred edge. It is nice
that you do not die immediately when you come out of the shadow but if would be good to get some
indication that you are in danger. Nice death animation!

2 3 3

Nice work on the 3D graphics and the shadow casting. The game is unpolished, but it still has
some charm (e.g. werewolf sprite, voice acting, setting). I think the werewolf may be moving
too slowly, or the camera is too far away. As it is, it feels like I'm crawling from one tiny
shadow to another at a snail's pace. With no rewards this feels like a chore. With sudden death
looming at every corner it is a frustrating chore. "Sneak from shadow to shadow" is not a fresh
design, but the circular movement of the light source is a good twist. I wish there were more to
the game than that.