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Get Out

You are stuck in a room. You must find all the keys and the exit door without getting covered in goo by the exploding monsters all around you. W,A,S,D or arrow key movement mouse click and space bar to force explode a monster if you have enough ammo.


Random Number God
Presented by grummi

Zip Bomb
Presented by assertivist

Damn you, procedurally generated level
Presented by mit-mit

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 2.8
Fun: 2.5
Production: 2.9
Innovation: 2.9

11% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 15


File Uploader Date
GetOut v03.zipfinal
Get Out - Version 3
renuncln 2014/10/11 20:22
Get Out Version 2
renuncln 2014/10/11 17:51
Source Code
renuncln 2014/10/11 16:01
Almost Complete
renuncln 2014/10/11 15:47
Really Random MapGen
renuncln 2014/10/10 01:41

Diary Entries

First Thoughts on Game Ideas

We're very psyched that "One Room" was chosen. When we were discussing possibilities for the different possible topics this was the one we had the most possible ideas for. So far we came up with a working game name and set up our local repository for mercurial. Placeholder artwork is being generated and the basic framework pygame is being written with some placeholder classes to build off of. So far everything is moving smoothly and we are off to a solid start.

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Menus Completed

The menu system is completed, attract music and menu hooks are all working properly. Now on to the procedural level generation, and map rendering engine. Slow progress, but it is progress.

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Slow Going

We got bogged down with non-pyweek stuff for a few days. Hopefully we can have a working project by the end of the week. So far we have really random map generation, player movement, and a really basic HUD, along with a simple working menu. The next step is to have the enemies appearing and moving on the screen. We have been crawling through OpenGameArt for tiles to use. Our game idea has deviated extremely from where it started and we aren't really sure how it will end up. Either way we are learning a lot about programming games with PyGame and Python and having fun doing it.

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Almost Done

After a long week of little activity(besides getting a working menu system) we are finally starting to get at the specific game mechanics. For example we now have a life reduction system as well as an ammo deduction system. Although we have not added a game over sequence yet(you will live forever) we will most definitely have it by the end of the day. Keys are now one of the main focuses of the game there are only ten but by collecting all of them you will be rewarded by a YOU WIN sequence(also not yet added). All and all...Almost Done!

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Final Push

We have been working hard all day to get this game into a GAME. Somehow it is all pulling together and I have moved from being afraid that we won't be able to submit anything to trying to figure out how much we can stuff into the game before the deadline.

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Sample Gameplay Video of Get Out

Here's a sample gameplay video for our game.

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