PyWeek - Mission X - feedback

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4 3 4

Nice work on this game, it was fun. I liked the idea of having to strategically kill the enemies
at a distance to get a better path. I couldn't finish the game unfortunately, the room was
pretty big. But it was very fun while I played it.

2 2 3

I found the game not very balanced. Even randomly generated levels can be more "fair" for the

I had the impression the level was too big. I had to traverse several screens worth of tiles till
I even saw the first key. Even more so because it is very hard to move in a straight line because of
the randomly moving enemies, randomly placed objects and the enemy goo. That way it is very
hard to remember where you already searched.

Perhaps it would help to have a mini map or an indicator to show the nearest key.

4 3 4

I have to admit the gameplay seemed a bit repetitive and random to me at first, but once I got the
hang of it, I realized that there was a lot of strategy there and it was really well balanced. The
only thing I really missed was a compass or map leading to the keys - I spent a lot of time
wandering around looking for #9 and #10.

2 3 2

Had a lot of problems with the screen not updating if I tried to move several steps in a
direction; had to move, wait, move, wait, or move blindly, which made it a very slow process.

2 3 2

Looks nice, unfortunately the game was unplayably slow for me.

2 2 3

Has a slide-show quality, if movement would be a bit more fluid the game would be 2x better.

1 1 1 yes

pygame.font.SysFont shells out to a command that never terminates on my system.

2 3 3

This is loooong and hard.

3 3 4

I liked the exploding enemies, it added another layer of strategic depth.

3 3 2

It was a fun game. Kind of choppy movements.

3 3 2

Biggest room ever. And that kind of turn-based gameplay feels a bit weird for an action game.
But playable and definitely not easy to complete!

2 4 3

I really liked the look of this game, it reminded me of the old Exile games for Macintosh. The
controls were fine, and I definitely understood what was going on, but I think there were too
many enemies. Would have liked some way of getting rid of a group at once or getting rid of
enemies without blocking my way to the next key with goop.

2 2 3

Nice idea to make this a turn based game. I think with some more interesting AI movement it could
generate some quite interesting gameplay as you try to plot your way between the keys. The
engine runs nice and smoothly and the graphics and sound work quite well together.

3 3 3

Kind of fun, step-based random dungeon crawling to pickup keys, evade monsters and get to
exit. Would have liked a bigger finish. Procedurally generated levels created situations
where the key was impossible to reach :( (i.e. on my first try of the game after finding 9/10
keys) … monsters are random so it’s hard to find a strategy to tackle them . So the strategy is
just to keep your distance, and therefore it gets a bit repetitive.

3 3 4

Simple mechanics that produce an interesting puzzle game.

1 3 2

It's a simple roguelike game, which I don't have a problem with in general. What I do have a
problem with, though, is the enemies. There are too many of them to reasonably avoid in any way
other than luck, and with their explosions being left behind forever, they can render keys

1 1 1 yes

The readme doesn't say how to start it and i tried to click all the files im not sure what to do
after that. Here is the Traceback Traceback (most recent call last): File
"C:\Users\Lance\Desktop\", line 9, in from game import * # Game Class File
"C:\Users\Lance\Desktop\", line 6, in from themap import * File
"C:\Users\Lance\Desktop\", line 6, in import numpy ImportError: No module named