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Controller Death
Presented by grummi

Now You Die
Presented by wezu

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Overall: 2.5
Fun: 2.7
Production: 2
Innovation: 2.8

26% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 11


File Uploader Date
First Version Upload
gizmo_thunder 2014/10/10 05:31

Diary Entries

Starting Late

I have conveniently missed the voting and the first day of pyweek19. Hoping to catch up by making progress the rest of the days. Im' thinking on the lines of recreating a simple fun mechanic i found in a mobile game. Hope it works out.

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designers' block

I've been trying to create some new mechanic for the game. But looks like I'm not motivated enough to get it done. I'll try to replicate an existing game just so I don't have an unfinished entry. Have to get to the art too.

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Some Progress

So finally got around to developing the idea. I've minimized the features. I hope it is still fun to play. Im using multiple libraries. This might be a problem for people. Especially the pyglet as I had to change the lib source to get it to work on osx10.8.5 I'm also using pymunk for physics. Cocos for the scenegraph handling. I've still got to do the art. Which I'm hoping will be ok with simple wire frames. But have to see how it all pans out.

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