PyWeek Game Team Rating
19 Sentient Storage Nerd Paradise v8 3.83
18 Saving Sylvia Team NP Special 1-Hour Kamikazee Edition 3.22
14 Sudo Science Team Nerd Paradise, v4 4.02

Brendan's awards

Emotional Response Award Presented by mit-mit for Sentient Storage

Master Procrastinator Presented by Cosmologicon for Sentient Storage

Most Forlorn Uses of "Okidokie!" Presented by paperstarships for Sentient Storage

Must hack this game to win!!! Presented by knowledge for Saving Sylvia

Speedy Award Presented by circusblatta for Saving Sylvia

Flawless Production Presented by adam for Sudo Science

Cubicle Hero Presented by circusblatta for Sudo Science