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Dojo is a minimalistic versus fighting game. In one dojo, with one life, so one hit causes one win.
The gameplay is based on the fact that you can grab the walls and ceiling of the room to jump on your opponent.

I'm currently developing a library called mvctools based on pygame and the MVC pattern.
PyWeek is a good opportunity to see if it can actually be useful :)


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Overall: 3.4
Fun: 3.4
Production: 3.2
Innovation: 3.4

6% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 14


File Uploader Date
windows executable
vxgmichel 2015/01/19 18:41
vxgmichel 2015/01/19 18:40
windows executable
vxgmichel 2014/10/12 21:22
vxgmichel 2014/10/12 21:21
Dojo screenshot
vxgmichel 2014/10/12 21:21

Diary Entries

Late start

So, I eventually had my idea on Monday evening.
It's gonna be a minimalistic versus fighting game.
In one dojo, with one life, so one hit causes one win.
The gameplay is based on the fact that you can grab the walls and ceiling of the room to jump on your opponent.

After a few hours of work, I now have:
  • 1 dojo
  • 2 players
  • keyboard support
  • controller support
  • gravity and wall collision
I also wrote a view that separate the raw screen from the actual screen. This allows easy window size management and nice pixel art rendering.

Now, the urgent todo-list before submission:
  • handle characters collision.
  • figure out a nice intuitive way of controlling the character moves.
  • manage characters animations
  • display score
  • compatibility and packaging
It'll be quite a challenge to submit it on time !

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I eventually managed to submit it on time!

So here are a few things about the game:
  • Since it's a versus fighting game, you need to be two players.
  • The characters can't walk, run or hit, only jump.
  • If they touch a wall or the ceiling, they'll automatically grab it.
  • In a given position, 4 types of directions are available:
    • Jump at 0 degree
    • Jump at - 45 degrees
    • Jump at + 45 degrees
    • Or let yourself down
  • It is possible to jump higher by keeping the button pressed
  • A player is considered KO when he's hit by the legs of the attacking player.
  • When players jump onto each other, they bounce.
  • To start a new match, reset by pressing "R".
  • Counters on the wall keep track of the score.
  • Controllers are supported (reset to detect new controllers).

I hope you'll have fun!

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Zip bomb and game settings

I got a "Zip Bomb" award, probably because I added the sources directly to the root of my zip file.
Anyway, you can find the exact same sources WITH their root directory here.

AIso, it possible to change the size, fps and fullscreen settings by editing the values in the main() function (dojo/
This should have been handled by command line options or a configuration file, but anyway, this is how they work:
  • dojo.settings.fullscreen: set it to True for fullscreen mode, default is False.
  • dojo.settings.size: the window size is completely decoupled from the game size, any value should work.
  • dojo.settings.fps: same here, the actual speed of the game is not affected by this value. However, raising it up will result in a better precision for collision, but will keep you processor busier. 120 was a nice compromise for my computer.

Have fun !


Dojo 1.1.0 released !

First of all, thanks for your comments! It felt really nice to know that people actually had fun playing your game.
Plus it really helped me to find out what was right, what was wrong and what needed to be enhanced.
It got me quite motivated, and tadaa, here comes the 1.1 release that fixes most of the problems you guys noticed.

Rigid key mapping:

The key mapping has been changed to work on all keyboards layout.

  • Player 1: RDFG + X or Space
  • Player 2: Arrows + P or Enter (keypad)
  • Controller: Hat or Axis + Button 0 (A)
  • Reset: U or Button 3 (Y)
  • Quit: Escape
Now, both platformer and FPS players have a conformable jump key.

Unclear gameplay:

Direction auras have been added to make the direction system intuitive.
Same thing for the jump loading system.
Also, all animations have been enhanced.

Button mashing:

There should be no button mashing since no input is required to kick.
The game is only about directions, jumping and collisions.
The new background and the gameplay enhancements make that clearer.

Unclear collisions:

There was a bug in the collision detection, this is why it felt non intuitive.
I added a slow motion mode when the players get really close.
So the first contact will appear clearer.

"Wish it had some sounds."

If anyone is interested in making some nice 8 bit sound effects, please let me know.
I'll be happy to add them to the game ;)

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