Dojo 1.1.0 released !

First of all, thanks for your comments! It felt really nice to know that people actually had fun playing your game.
Plus it really helped me to find out what was right, what was wrong and what needed to be enhanced.
It got me quite motivated, and tadaa, here comes the 1.1 release that fixes most of the problems you guys noticed.

Rigid key mapping:

The key mapping has been changed to work on all keyboards layout.
Now, both platformer and FPS players have a conformable jump key.

Unclear gameplay:

Direction auras have been added to make the direction system intuitive.
Same thing for the jump loading system.
Also, all animations have been enhanced.

Button mashing:

There should be no button mashing since no input is required to kick.
The game is only about directions, jumping and collisions.
The new background and the gameplay enhancements make that clearer.

Unclear collisions:

There was a bug in the collision detection, this is why it felt non intuitive.
I added a slow motion mode when the players get really close.
So the first contact will appear clearer.

"Wish it had some sounds."

If anyone is interested in making some nice 8 bit sound effects, please let me know.
I'll be happy to add them to the game ;)