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3 3 4

Pretty cool, I like the jumping mechanic. I think it would work well as a platformer too.
Multiplayer games are pretty hard to judge, so I tried to be a little lenient.

4 4 5

Would love to play this with another player

2 3 3

I think the idea was to use the right hand on WSAD keys and the left to push TAB, but I just can't
bring myself to use WSAD with the right hand - it's just wrong. If only I had another thumb on my
left hand... Also kind of hard to control, and even harder to kick your opponent (in a non
random, button-mashing way).

2 2 4

It's an interesting idea, but the controls are difficult to use, and we couldn't really tell
what the rules are for determining how who hit who is determined.

3 4 3

It looks really nice! I'll try to play it with an opponent later.

4 3 3

On the one hand are multiplayer games always a good idea. It's always fun to play with another
player. On the other hand it is problematic if you got no other player to play with

That was my problem. I didn't have another player to play with. The game seems fun enough, but I
couldn't really play it.

3 3 4

Hard to get a good feel for the fun factor without two players, but cool idea.

4 3 4

Cool concept. I had to read the readme to figure it out. It was fun once I knew what to do.

1 1 1 yes

I can launch the game, but I cannot start the fight. I tried all of my keyboards' keys, it just
doesn't work. I'm on Ubuntu 14.04, using fluxbox as desktop manager, if ever it can help.

3 4 3

Great little game, good graphics and use of graphical style. Took a bit of time here to figure
out how to play. Maybe best to explain control precisely, i.e. hold jump, choose direction,
release jump button to move. Multiplayer: quite fun, a bit random and mashing … cant tell if
there are more complex underlying strategies or not (i.e. depth)?

2 3 2

Nice character animation and motion - it feel cool to be able to fly and stick to the walls. It
wasn't really clear how you can actually fight though. It would help to also have an AI opponent
so you could see some of the moves available.

4 3 3

Nice animation with bouncy looking ninjas, even though it's really blocky. I'm definitely
coming back to play this again.

4 3 4

This was a really cool game. Awesome gameplay good job!

5 3 3

I had a blast playing this. Wish it had some sounds. The controls feel very good and it is
extremely easy to pick up and play. The sticking to walls mechanic is cool and I'd love to see
this expanded upon. Thanks.

5 4 3

This was a really fun game! We had a good time testing it out. It would have been cool to have some
sound effects in there to really polish up the game, but the graphics looked great and the
gameplay was pretty fun, even with two people sharing a keyboard!