I'm a writer who loves video games, so getting to use my writing skills for PyWeek is pretty much one of my favorite things ever. I branched out with Shunned Survivor to doing a little voice work as well! :)

Satyrane's entries

19 Sentient Storage Nerd Paradise v8 3.83
18 Saving Sylvia Team NP Special 1-Hour Kamikazee Edition 3.22
17 Space Squirrel Nerd Paradise v7 3.86
16 Super Shop Team Nerd Paradise, v6 3.59
15 Stranded Survivor Team Nerd Paradise, v5 (MVF15) 3.90
14 Sudo Science Team Nerd Paradise, v4 4.02

Satyrane's awards

Emotional Response Award Presented by mit-mit for Nerd Paradise v8

Master Procrastinator Presented by Cosmologicon for Nerd Paradise v8

Most Forlorn Uses of "Okidokie!" Presented by paperstarships for Nerd Paradise v8

Must hack this game to win!!! Presented by knowledge for Team NP Special 1-Hour Kamikazee Edition

Monster Source File Presented by permianlizard for Nerd Paradise v7

Retro Award Presented by circusblatta for Nerd Paradise v7

Gold Award For Ambition Presented by pydsigner for Team Nerd Paradise, v5 (MVF15)

Flawless Production Presented by adam for Team Nerd Paradise, v4

Cubicle Hero Presented by circusblatta for Team Nerd Paradise, v4