Shark in a Hat


PyWeek Game Team Rating
27 Silly Number Song Game 3.00
26 Chart of Flowrock 3.52
21 Gas and Grass 3.36
20 Dataroll 3.48
19 Room3 3.36
18 Quest for Fire 3.22
17 Wezu 3.27

wezu's awards

My wife and her friend gave this game a Happy Goat Award Presented by mauve for Silly Number Song Game

Touchscreen recommended Presented by mauve for Silly Number Song Game

The J.S.Bach Award for Stonking Musical Effort Presented by ntoll for Silly Number Song Game

Zen of Python Reference Presented by LeopardShark for Chart of Flowrock

Good Old Dungeon Crawler Presented by gizmo_thunder for Chart of Flowrock

The David Chalmers Award for Zombie of the Year, 2018. Presented by ntoll for Chart of Flowrock

Most xkcd-referential instructions Presented by rdb for Chart of Flowrock