Quest for Fire

In a time when dinosaurs walked the earth
When the land was swamp and caves were home
In an age when prize possession was fire
To search for landscapes men would roam.

A 'beat'em up' game with graphics simulating those of olden days.

The source code is in the file, but I suggest to run if from one of the other packages to avoid the 'first-run-lag'(models are in text files, the first time they load it take a while)


  • Credits are available as a separate file(credits.txt)
  • F1 key can be used to save a screenshot
  • Escape key can be used to exit the game at any time
  • Cassett image by: Cory Kerr


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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.2
Fun: 2.8
Production: 4.1
Innovation: 2.8

36% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 12


File Uploader Date
wezu 2014/05/18 08:28
osx binary
wezu 2014/05/17 18:40
linux binary 32bit
wezu 2014/05/17 18:38
linux binary 64bit
wezu 2014/05/17 18:33
windows binary
wezu 2014/05/17 18:31
Quest for Fire 1.0.exefinal
windows installer
wezu 2014/05/17 18:21
final, multiplatform, p3d
wezu 2014/05/17 17:58
wezu 2014/05/17 17:45
final version, fixed
wezu 2014/05/17 17:44
wezu 2014/05/17 17:24
first test
wezu 2014/05/11 16:38

Diary Entries

Brainstorming done

Power to stage one emitters in

8-bit is quite a bit of a challenge if one wants to use a 3D engine like Panda3D, one could go mad trying to do that... so I've gone mad before the start just to save myself some time.

The idea I had is to use 3D graphics, just like I would do normally and then use a filter to make it look like in the olden days. Here's a mock-up on how it should work (in GIMP for now, but the shader shouldn't be that difficult to make- even for me):


As far as gameplay goes I decided to do a caveman beat'em-up. I don't know where the idea came from, but when I think of old games I think of titles like Cadillacs and Dinosaurs(not 8-bit but well...) and Prehistorik... the Iron Maiden track 'Quest for Fire' could also be blamed.

The plan for today is:

  • Write and test a retro shader
  • Make a character with MakeHuman
  • Write a loader-setup thing
  • Find a retro/pixel font
  • Find some music
  • Find or make some textures (grass, rock, tree, etc)
Wish me luck.


Things getting done

I'm seeing predictable phase arrays, stage 2 emitters

Yesterday I've managed to write some... well, for lack of better words 'code'. I imagine normal people don't need 3 list, 2 dictionaries, a tuple and 3 'for' loops to read and write some config values, but well, ain't got time to be bothered by such things, especially if it works.

The task for today is to setup the camera, environment scrolling and character movement.


Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

I'm showing a small discrepancy in... well, no, it's well within acceptable bounds again. Sustaining sequence.

So, the game is done, almost all of the things I wanted to do are made, the one big thing lacking is an intro. There could also be a few more animations (like a 'win' animation) but I ain't got the time nor the will to do that. I'm just happy I get to finish this time when it's still bright outside.

I will be uploading the source in a matter of minutes (a 23MB zip file, not so bad), and then a windows installer, a multiplatform .p3d file and binary for mac and linux. If I feel like it I'll make a playthrough video and upload it to the tube.


Post-mortem or things You didin't know.

A big thanks for all the people who run and rated my game, especially those on non-windows systems that Panda3D dislikes. It's a bit funny (and sad) as procrastimancer and I, who both used Panda3D got 12 scores and 36% DNW

Anyway I'm happy with what I've done in a weeks time, even if most people didn't find my game much fun. I'd say it was more fun (for me) then my entry last time and I'll call that a successes.

The innovations as far as gameplay or genre are almost non-existent, it's a beat'em-up game. The only thing is the way the time-pressure works in my game. There is no timer or countdown but the time of the day and lighting changes - it's not that apparent on the default difficulty setting but on 'hard' the level is longer, there are more monsters and they are much tougher - it's hard to get to the fire before nightfall and at night without a fire it is next to impossible to spot and avoid traps... but if someone only played on the 'normal' setting and not long, one might miss that lighting changes at all.

The innovations where on the technical side. It is a modern 3D game that mimics a old 2D games that in turn tried to mimic 3D. The level is also random, or random-ish, composed each time from 7 (or more) out of 11 available tiles.

I feel that the innovation score was lowered because my game had more then 8-bits. For those I can only say - set the color count to 5 and pixel size to 4, if that's still not 8-bit enough you're masochistic.

The easter eggs.

On one of the tiles there's a crashed spaceship from my last entry:

qfa easteregg

There's also a 'monolith' like in 'Space Odyssey' (it's hard to tell) and Stonehenge.

In the readme I mentioned a 'nude-patch' configuration option... and it actually works if someone was bold enough to set it to '1'. But I'm not gonna post screenshots of that ;)

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