Things getting done

I'm seeing predictable phase arrays, stage 2 emitters

Yesterday I've managed to write some... well, for lack of better words 'code'. I imagine normal people don't need 3 list, 2 dictionaries, a tuple and 3 'for' loops to read and write some config values, but well, ain't got time to be bothered by such things, especially if it works.

The task for today is to setup the camera, environment scrolling and character movement.

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I could write what I've done so far, but here, have this film, it will be easier:
wow Im flabbergasted -and a sexy cavewoman to boot!

Another day, another film:

I still have a few things to do, like a character selection screen, time of day changes, traps and obstacles, map tiles, maybe an intro if I find the time to do it, and maybe more enemy types