Zombie fight!

Chart of Flowrock


The game is a first person, cell based, dungeon crawling ... thing. You navigate (a) random level(s) using a flow-chart. The default controls are:
A - left
W - up/forward
D - right
You can define your own controls by editing the options.prc file (it's a text file), there you can also set the resolution, sound and music volume.

Best way to run it is to use the dedicated binaries for your os (32bit windows is down here, just not marked final)
(if they are not up yet, they will be soon-ish)

Gameplay Video:

I expect You will have some problems running the game. It's almost a PyWeek tradition:
-on windows, intel gpu:
Using shadows can crash the game, when asked in game if you want shadows answer no
-on linux
You will (probably) need to add (or uncomment ) 'gl-version 3 2' in the options.prc, else the shaders won't run
-on mac
If you open the .app you will get an error; go to System Preferences, Security and Privacy, click the lock, and click Open Anyway.
The game will only run in potato mod, use the app provided, some fixes may be missing from the source

If all goes wrong...
The game has a 'potato mode' if you can't get it to run, you can set 'potato-mode 1' in options.prc to disable all shaders. It won't look good, but it should run on any system capable of rendering opengl 1.1

Special thanks to rdb for providing help building the os specific versions



Zen of Python Reference
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Good Old Dungeon Crawler
Presented by gizmo_thunder

The David Chalmers Award for Zombie of the Year, 2018.
Presented by ntoll

Most xkcd-referential instructions
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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.5
Fun: 2.9
Production: 4.3
Innovation: 3.4

12% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 14


File Uploader Date
Windows 64bit build
wezu 2018/10/28 13:29
Windows 32bit build
wezu 2018/10/28 13:22
Mac os version
wezu 2018/10/28 13:16
Linux x86 64bit build
wezu 2018/10/28 13:13
Zombie fight!
wezu 2018/10/27 21:42
Final sourcecode
wezu 2018/10/27 21:40
wezu 2018/10/26 17:01
Full vs Potato
wezu 2018/10/26 12:42
in game screen
wezu 2018/10/25 15:07
Got logo
wezu 2018/10/25 12:58

Diary Entries

Day 1

To be honest 'flow' was my last pick for the theme. Initially my idea was to run some sort of heightmap fluid dynamics simulation on the GPU, but I don't think I can make that work and turn it into a game in one week.

Instead of taking 'flow' literally I'm going with 'flow-chart' as a way to interact with the game world, but I'm not building a text adventure but a random-generated dungeon crawler in a Legend of Grimrock/Eye of the Beholder style. Using Panda3D, nuff said.

As for what I did on day one - not much, all I have is a way to navigate a flow chart... or a animation of it anyway. Maybe I'll still manage to make some assets today.      


Day2, some Dungeons, no Dragons

Day 2, time to post screenshots, or better yet - a video:
<a href="https://youtu.be/lZFngwNYzgc"> https://youtu.be/lZFngwNYzgc </a>

..and apparently I've forgotten how to html, imagine this here is a link

I'm reusing some old tilset I made some time ago, there's a total of 8 models here, so it gets repetitive very fast, I will have to add some unique clutter so there's any hope of navigating the dungeon.  The random level generator I've written is not only simple it's stupidly simple, but it works. I also updated the shapes for the chart, and you can move around the dungeon ... even through walls.

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Day 3, Added bugs, removed bugs

Not much done today. I've added some bugs, and spend the rest of my time for today on removing them.
I've added borders around the chart nodes and movement now respects walls. Not much done today

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Day 5, Walking simulator

2 days and a few hours left and I have a walking simulator... at least it looks good, let's hope it will run on machines other then mine.
Using a library I made myself (last update 7 months ago, so I'm in the safe) is a first for me, but I'm glad I did, it saved me a lot of time.
Here's a video of the current state of things:
Now I need to add some content, so no sleep tonight - I'll be making, rigging, texturing, 3D zombies...yay(?) 

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Day 6(?), I Zombie

Making 3D models takes too much time, I think it's the last time I try to code and model at the same time. There's a screen of a zombie somewhere, but I can't be bothered to actually paste it here, just wanted to say I feel like a zombie myself. Today I sleep, I will try to make it into a game on the last day, wish me luck.
But wait got video: https://youtu.be/mScu69nwFDI

Oh, and someone remind me to push the commits to github...

Brains! Brains! for i in range(100): print('Brains!')

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Day 7 1/3

So 11h 30m to go and I'm not done yet... I've finished with models and animations, but I still have the combat and descriptions to add. Sound effects, particle effects, clutter, hit points, spells, experience,different enemies, in-game configuration, save, load, moving between levels, actually being able to finish the game - all that is currently on the probably-not-going-to-do-list. Sorry.

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Day 7 2/3

I have sound effects... some out of sync, but sound effects!
You can now win or lose in a fight with the zombie - the zombie may take a round to realize it's dead (more dead), but it dies anyway.
All I need to do now is place the zombies randomly in the level, and add some pardon my dnd-speak 'flavour text'.
But first food... and coffee. Coffee is a type of food, right? So it's coffee and coffee time!

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Day 7 3/3

I'm done... for a give amount of done. Looks like the game works, I've put it up on github, will upload the source in a few moments. The binary/packed version will be uploaded tomorrow - but running Panda3D programs is easy this time, just pip install panda3d