Day 7 3/3

I'm done... for a give amount of done. Looks like the game works, I've put it up on github, will upload the source in a few moments. The binary/packed version will be uploaded tomorrow - but running Panda3D programs is easy this time, just pip install panda3d

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Pip seems to be failing on my Mac (High Sierra) with server not reachable error even though internet is workout. would you happen to know any fix for it?
I don't have a Mac and never used one, so there's not much I can tell you. You can also get the Panda3D sdk as an installer from or even build it from source...or ask rdb for help -he is the p3d guru. When I'll finally get out of bed I'll make and upload binary, self-contained, deployed versions for windows, Linux, and Mac, but since I don't have any apple products I can't tell if it works. 
@gizmo_thunder You could try using the version from the Panda3D mirror instead of from PyPI:
pip install --pre --extra-index-url panda3d
Will try that out thank you.@rbd
There's now a mac os version you can download (kudos to rdb), turns out most of the fun shaders don't work on apple products, at least not the way I've written them so while it should work (there's 1 proven case of it working) it only works in 'potato mode'.