Day 1

To be honest 'flow' was my last pick for the theme. Initially my idea was to run some sort of heightmap fluid dynamics simulation on the GPU, but I don't think I can make that work and turn it into a game in one week.

Instead of taking 'flow' literally I'm going with 'flow-chart' as a way to interact with the game world, but I'm not building a text adventure but a random-generated dungeon crawler in a Legend of Grimrock/Eye of the Beholder style. Using Panda3D, nuff said.

As for what I did on day one - not much, all I have is a way to navigate a flow chart... or a animation of it anyway. Maybe I'll still manage to make some assets today.      

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The whole GPU simulation is totally my bag, though.

We'll see if I can pull it off in one week.
I hope You'll make something awesome, so I can use your code in the future :D

Just remember - it's kind of a tradition to run pyweek games on coal powered, potato class hardware, compute shaders may not run everywhere.    

Cell-based first person dungeon crawls are one of my favorite genre's. Looking forward to seeing how the flow chart part integrates with that.