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Vixelli's Adventure

Yeah, Vixelli had a pretty good life. He was a main character in a very popular video game, and was well loved. Sadly his life was cut short by a critical game error. Do video game characters go to heaven? First time at PyWeek!


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Overall: 1.9
Fun: 1.5
Production: 2
Innovation: 2.1

14% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 12


File Uploader Date
Vixelli's Adventure 2.zipfinal
Final code with images and read me
cbrocGames 2014/10/11 02:46
code I got so far
cbrocGames 2014/10/06 03:16
main title menu
cbrocGames 2014/10/06 03:14
the room without altars and slot machines
cbrocGames 2014/10/06 03:13

Diary Entries

new features #1

I can't believe it took me two days to create the room and character without anything else. Fortunately, I should be working five hours a day now instead of 15 mins.

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development update #2

I added monsters and begun the slot machine

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development update #3

Added a guy and a cat, as well as some good old fashioned rpg dialogue!

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Wow. I'm done.

I really can't believe I finished before the deadline. Thanks to some anonamous people who helped me play test and of course the creators of python and TkInter. :D :D :D emoticons :D

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The game turned out ok but still kind of ehh. P.S. Sorry if a severe graphical glitch that I didn't have time(or patience) to fix makes the game unplayable. I like to call it the earthquake bug.

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