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I've never seen a game made with Tkinter before, as far as I know. The interface certainly seems
a bit clunky, but I don't know how much of that is limitations of the library. The story is kind of
funny in a bizarre way. :)

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Couldn't install tkinter

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Tkinter as a game engine is something new to me

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ImportError: No module named tkinter

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Really buggy :-(

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A little too much randomness, it felt like I was just pushing buttons and not making any

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Really weird game. Plus tkinter was pretty unexpected.

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Only runs after Tkinter import is fixed. Text is not readable (to big, cut of by end of screen).
Didn't really know what to do. :(

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So confused what it is I just played

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Shouldn't rely on key repeat for continuous movement. It took me a while to figure out where I
was supposed to stand to talk to the guy at the beginning (I actually had to look at your source).
So he gave me a cat, told me to use it to catch rats... I just wasn't sure what to do. The slot
machine seems to work even if I don't have any coins.

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I'm wasn't quite sure what was going on! I moved around a bit and clicked on some of the objects. A
lot of the text was outside the viewable area so I couldn't quite read it!

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Hard to understand what to even do in this game. Controls were incredibly frustrating.
Character moves so slow. explanation text renders behind the sprites so it's impossible to
read. Didn' understand what needed to be done to get past the first room.

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I tried to talk to the old man several times, but there were no tutorial, I simply died after some
tries! I restarted the game, and could not find what to do else, most actions eventually killed
me. I may have missed something...

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Doesn't seem like much work was put into it.