PyWeek Game Team Rating
31 ClickTheButton DNF
24 daftspaniel11 DNF
22 Spacestation 3.02
21 Amy The Mayor DNF
20 daftspaniel8 DNF
19 One Room 2.63
18 8bit RPG 2.83
17 daftspaniel5 DNF
16 Drone Onslaught 2.95
15 daftspaniel3 2.35
14 Return Of The Daft Spaniels 2.46
10 The Daft Spaniels 2.33

daftspaniel's awards

Live (electro) Music Composition Presented by YannThor for Spacestation

Compatibily Check Presented by grummi for One Room

Jawa Ninja Presented by iminurnamez for 8bit RPG

GNU Emacs Seal of Approval: this game requires ten fingers to be played Presented by reidrac for

Images Schmimages Presented by spirulence for