Home Sweet Home

8bit RPG

You are Pythonista an adventurer in an 8bit style world. You start in your safe village. Wander round to meet animals a people and perhaps find something useful... Use the WASD keys to move around. You can press the letter O to eat. To start your adventure, find the stripey portal and walk thru it and this will take you to the dungeon. If you end up fighting a monster, press F to strike. If you die you will return to the village. Find the diamond in the dungeon to get back home. Collect 8 diamonds and go through the portal to reach the Dragon. Good luck! Controls - See README.txt (includes cheats!) Developed on Platform Python 3.4 and PyGame 1.9.2a0


Jawa Ninja
Presented by iminurnamez

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Overall: 2.8
Fun: 2.4
Production: 3.4
Innovation: 2.7

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Home Sweet Home
daftspaniel 2014/05/18 18:59
Final Entry
daftspaniel 2014/05/18 18:57
Looking real 8bit!
daftspaniel 2014/05/12 20:30
Day 1
daftspaniel 2014/05/11 21:18

Diary Entries

Day One - 8 bit RPG

I didn't have high hopes for today as I knew I would spend most of it out and about. It has thankfully turned out to be productive and a solid basis for moving on. Oh and quite fun too.

I got up early and discovered the theme choice. 8 bit will suit my RPG - not just in look and game type. Hoping to work in various 8 bit era references - I grew up with a Dragon 32. Currently playing Pokemon on the GBA so this will be another influence.

Codewise, first thing I wrote was a dungeon or cave generator - lots of scope to improve that. Tweaks to come. Some scaffolding, some utility stuff and most fun was creating my own 8 by 8 pixel font. Time for some sleep now!

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Day 2 - Explore, Look, Listen and Find

Got stuck into GFX creation today 24 different 8 by 8 pixels for the game. Quite challenging as space soon runs out. 7 sound effects done. You can now walk around the cave or dungeon that scrolls around, and there is a ninja and the goal is there in the far corner which makes a sound when you stand on it.

Game and goal idea forming - collect diamonds for the 8 bits of a drill which gives you a go at a dragon's cave delve. First the basic dungeon items and combat.

It has been a good day! Feeling calm and having fun. Not working too late. Goodnight and good luck.

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Day 3 - I Will Not Put My Internals On Show

I had a church meeting tonight so I knew that my time would be limited so it does feel like I have slowed a little. A few more graphics added and some important internals for combat and characters worked out. Not much to see there yet. The main visual component are the portals. There will be a home village for the player where they leave for each cave - Mystery Dungeon style. Really want to add NPCs and a bit of freedom here. This has been added as an empty room (pictured!) save for a stripey portal which may be animated. This takes you to the cave and finding the diamond returns you to the village.

I have been pondering having 'mental health' for the player. I fear it may trivialise serious issues. Thinking it may be best covered in spirit and stress. I'd like the player to recover and develop outside of dungeon delving!

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Day 4 - The Village Llama

I had hoped to get to some fighting today! Other things have take time up but at least there are a range of passive monsters appearing in the dungeon.

Spent the time on the village but laid a lot of the groundwork for combat so should be straight into that tomorrow. Also an assortment of GFX, sound and font work helped with variety.

Slightly worried by the time and energy levels at the halfway mark. Reflecting on progress made is reassuring. Off for sleep!

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Day 7 - 256+1 = Overflow

Well we finish this PyWeek Diary with a screenshot of the title screen and of the game finale with the Dragon. It has been an interesting week to say the least. I was feeling BAD on the Friday and took a lot of will power to plod on. Today was a fairly good day and I added the remaining few vital features.

I loved working in the RPG/adventure genre and I will definitely revisit. Setting up the home village with plants, animals and people was just so much fun. The dungeons are a bit dull by comparison - procedural generation. Working in a few 8-bit references was also fun (apple/apricot/dragon etc).

Upload tomorrow! Good luck to those still working :-)

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