PyWeek Game Team Rating
19 One Room RPG 3.27
18 Bit Flags Robo 3.08
17 Sane Mushroom Picking 2.95
16 Balancer Of Circles 3.77
15 Trippy Climb 3.30
14 Mad Atoms 3.86
13 Petras Zdanavińćius 13 DNF
12 Squares city 3.75
11 Ball must be caught 2.71

petraszd's awards

Mobile version plz! Presented by grummi for One Room RPG

Jack Bauer Award Presented by paulpaterson for One Room RPG

GNU Emacs Seal of Approval: this game requires ten fingers to be played Presented by reidrac for Bit Flags Robo

The most Bloody Mushroom Presented by maral for Sane Mushroom Picking

Rick Rolled Presented by therandomwave for Trippy Climb

Deserves a Cheers! Presented by phoe6 for Squares city

Asteroids Award for recursive decomposition Presented by gcewing for Squares city

tribute to Norman McLaren Presented by nitrofurano for Squares city

Exotic Library Presented by nitrofurano for Squares city