Some progress

Petras Zdanavičius 13

I have no time, but this it is bad excuse.


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Some progress
petraszd 2011/09/15 23:14
First stuff
petraszd 2011/09/13 23:07

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At last

At last I have time and I am mentally capable (opposite to yesterday -- long story...) of coding. So, Idea. I will try to go 3d. It is probably going to be big failure, but who cares (I care, actually).
The idea is inspired by wonderful game Proun ( + child toy named shape sorting ( + Stupid TV show "Hole in the Wall".

So, player will drive throuth track with shape and it needs to switch shapes (mutate) to go through holes.

As I was reading other participants diaries I find out that my idea has some similarities with malcolmt entry ( I hope he do not mind it.

You can try Proun it is pay as You feel type of game. Just be careful -- do not miss pyweek because of it.

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Ok. I am learning Blender Game Engine and my progress is so slow. But finnaly I have something that works.

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Some progress

Europe basketball championship that is going on in my country does not help me to participate into this challenge at all. But it seems I will manage to produce something. It is going to be bad one, because I just starting to gasp Blender Game Engine. The code I have written is very c like -- I do not know it is me or it is BGE fault.

So progress:

First of all, there is repository of my entry:
Second, I think technically You can call it a game. Because You can play it and lose it.


I failed

So I am not going to finish my entry. Mostly because of I have no time and I have chosen to work with tools I had no clue about.
Well at least I learn these tools (Blender Game Engine) a little bit. So good luck for all of You. 

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