Sane Mushroom Picking

Game about mushroom picking on the Moon.

- A, LEFT: to move Counter Clock Wise
- D, RIGHT: to move Clock Wise
- Mouse Click: to shoot


Known issues:
Some people (actually just one person) have difficulties of running this game with provided pyglet package. You can try to remove it and use system default one.


The most Bloody Mushroom
Presented by maral

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.0
Fun: 2.8
Production: 3.1
Innovation: 3.0

4% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 22


File Uploader Date
petraszd 2013/09/08 00:26
Windows exe. Not sure if working.
petraszd 2013/09/08 00:10
Final Submission
petraszd 2013/09/08 00:00

Diary Entries

Day #1: Concept

I will probably ganna call my game: "Logical mushroom hunting on the Moon" or something.

Ok. Theme seems perfect for me. I am very very good with round things and simple geometric figures. And moon is round. But instead of doing some game with simple geometric figures and strange gameplay (as I always do), I am in the mood of doing something completely idiotic. Something that does not makes sense.

I am from Lithuania. There is quite popular to go gathering mushrooms. And there is old wisdom (or superstitious thinking) not to go picking mushroom under the full moon, because mushrooms will be wormy. So that is where my idea came from.

Concept art:

I am programmer and I am not artist, but still I am not happy with it. I think the moon has too many details. And I am particularly not happy with the astronaut and it's gun. I am thinking about repainting him. But for now it will do, because this is gamejam and time is everything. Anyway, game mechanics (just concept -- nothing is implemented yet):

- Player controls astronaut with keys (LEFT, RIGHT or A, D) and with mouse.
- Astronaut can walk around the moon
- By walking through the mushroom he release it free
- Mushroom strarts flying into the cosmos.
- Player must shoot mushroom with shotgun.
- There will be blood for some reasons and/or for some actions I have not decided yet. It does not make sense, but there will be blood.
- I am not thinking about wining/losing conditions. First, I will try to implement this simple mechanic and then I will see.

P.S. Some inspiration has been taken from (

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Day #2: Almost Nothing

Day 2 was not very productive. I've scene with moon and one mushroom just flying up. And that is it. I hope tomorrow I will be able to code something more significant.

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Day #3: At least some progress

Finally, I have something interactive. You can move player around and pick up mushrooms.

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Day #4: Shooting Mushrooms

Base mechanics is here. I've no idea how it is going to become a game. You know, like winning, losing an stuff.

Now You can:

- Walk around the moon
- Cut mushrooms
- Shoot bullets
- Mushrooms will explode
- Blood splashes on screen

And it needs a lot of tweaking and fixing. For example: collision detection changes, when mushroom starts flying; no shooting through moon; astronaut animation and thousand more.

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Day #5: Almost Nothing

I have almost no time to do something. Around one hour. So, I have done some small tweaks and that is all. Biggest change: now shotgun actually shoots several bullets.

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Day #6, Day #7: It is all over

So, I have finished this pyweek's game.

Not very fancy one. It is mushroom hunting game. You go around moon and pick up mushrooms. They start flying up and You shoot them with shotgun. Makes perfect sense.

The biggest problem I've met during this gamejam was me. I've decided to draw everything myself. And I've too much time on working with graphic. I am no artist. Period. I am programmer. So, something like 70% of time was spent on art and 30% on programming.

Result? Result is that game does not have a lot of functionality (But astronaut has small fires coming from gist backpack and boots...).

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Sane Mushroom Picking: Gameplay Is The King

Thanks everybody for playing, rating and commenting for my game. My game's ranking is low. But it is good thing. I've learned important lesson because of that: gameplay is the king.

During the development week I have spent most of the time drawing art. And somehow I can draw. I think it is the most beautiful thing I've ever done. But it does not matter. Because my game has almost no gameplay. Yes -- it has some interaction. But that is it. Because of bad priorities and because of fulltime job I had not enough time to do actual programming.

So. In this gamejam I've forgot the most important rule of game creation. Gameplay goes first. Gameplay is the king. Other stuff can help gameplay -- but they are not as important as gameplay itself.

Thanks Pyweek and all participants for teaching me this lesson.

P.S. For anyone who were confused with my game's strange endings and strange achievements. Both are random. You need to play it three times to get message explaining it:

It was inside joke. Just for me. I thought it was funny. I still do and I do not care that actually it is not funny at all.

P.S.S Sorry for broken English.

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