PyWeek - Sane Mushroom Picking - feedback

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Haha, that's pretty funny. Cute little game. All it needs is some progression. :)

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"Sane" Mushroom Picking. Nice concept :).

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I wish there was more game

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The game runs smoothly and the visuals are actually pretty great. Shotgun pellets are fun to
watch. Unfortunately the gameplay is shallow...there's nothing to do but shoot mushrooms,
and at some point it just ends, and there's no visible timer.

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Man! Got'em these 'shroom, man! Got me high as the moon! I was like shotin' a shotgun at 'em, man.
On t'moon, y'know? And they were like - Boom! You should'em seen 'em colors, man!

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Nice game. simple but stylish

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Fun -a lot of fun

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Amusing little time-waster. It took some time to work out that you needed to shoot the
mushrooms, but it's an enjoyable distration one that connection been made. It's not really a
game, but it's still quite fun.

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3 4 4

Nice graphics, well chosen sounds. Simple and solid concept. The achievements may need a
little tweaking. I got "slow" when I had a more successful game and "sniper" when I had a not so
fruitful game.

3 4 3

"A very simple idea but nicely implemented into a fun little game. The presentation was very
nice. The sound worked well and the animation was very smooth. I liked the full rotation of the
gun to point at the target and of course the bloody mushrooms were cool! There didn't seem to be
any challenge aspect to the game but it was fun to go around and shoot things. It might be
interesting to add acceleration to the player's character and maybe some bad mushrooms that
when you walk through them do something bad to you!"

3 2 3

Silly, but fun. The biggest problem I had was lack of feedback, which meant I didn't know
whether I was doing the right thing or not.

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Would've liked a lose condition. Maybe an explanation, too :-)

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Haha! Pretty fun for a quickie.

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Nice graphics and all but not much of a game :( You only need an idea because technically this
"demo" is quite cool, but not a game.

3 4 3

nice sound and visuals!

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The game works, but in my opinion is unfinished, there are not a way to lose or to win, at one point
the mushrooms didn't grow up more. Why mushrooms? Where is the difficult in this game? Why I
need a shotgun to pick up the mushroom?

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Fun for only a minute, but the graphics and sounds were great.

3 5 3

Lovely gaming atmosphere. Everything fits perfectly - the music, sounds and graphics. The
controls can be a little challenging/counter intuitive when the player is below the the moon.
But it might just be me.

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It was really unclear to me (as someone who didn't read your comments below about the game, and
feel shouldn't have had to with all pertinent information being in the game itself) coming
into the game that I was supposed to actually shoot the mushrooms in order to "pick" them.
Instead, I was rather expecting some sort of enemy or asteroid to appear - only my confusion
about why my floating mushrooms weren't being counted and accidentally shooting one led me to
make that connection. Additionally, I think the game could have been improved by an inability
to shoot straight into the middle of the planet. I watched the gameplay video later, and it
looks like you intended the mushrooms to be shot while they're floating away. It's much, much
easier just to repeatedly shoot directly below you as you pass over mushrooms, though.

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Yeah, the game is lame and you probably know that, but I really like your creativity, very rare
game concept I think :) also the graphics pretty much fitted the insanity of the idea,
especially those blood stains.

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This is amusing for a few minutes. I think that the game could have been expanded quite a bit,
though. I did see your end game explanation, at least :)