Sane Mushroom Picking: Gameplay Is The King

Thanks everybody for playing, rating and commenting for my game. My game's ranking is low. But it is good thing. I've learned important lesson because of that: gameplay is the king.

During the development week I have spent most of the time drawing art. And somehow I can draw. I think it is the most beautiful thing I've ever done. But it does not matter. Because my game has almost no gameplay. Yes -- it has some interaction. But that is it. Because of bad priorities and because of fulltime job I had not enough time to do actual programming.

So. In this gamejam I've forgot the most important rule of game creation. Gameplay goes first. Gameplay is the king. Other stuff can help gameplay -- but they are not as important as gameplay itself.

Thanks Pyweek and all participants for teaching me this lesson.

P.S. For anyone who were confused with my game's strange endings and strange achievements. Both are random. You need to play it three times to get message explaining it:

It was inside joke. Just for me. I thought it was funny. I still do and I do not care that actually it is not funny at all.

P.S.S Sorry for broken English.