April 2011 challenge: “Nine Times”

57 entries

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Nine is not enough(so it gos forever instead of just nine times)

Beat the evil cat ruler infinite times My first pyweek ever

Entrant: MegaLord


*********************************************************************************** NOTE if you're playing this game: There is a bug where the game becomes slow and has messed up sound after you've been playing for a while. Restarting the game and using Continue to pick up where you left off is a temporary workaround.

Entrant: superjoe

Art Attack

Team Wasabi

Team: millenniumhand, mauve

Interesting Times

Manage the Nine Times newspaper. Hire reporters, gather news, plan delivery routes. Build your subscriber base and drive your nemesis, the Ixian Bugle, into the gutter where it belongs!

Entrant: gcewing

Super Dimension

Explore the lab of the missing scientists and the perplexing mystery of their dissapearence. But as you venture deeper into the lab it only get tougher to escape. Will you ever escape the entanglement that you got yourself into? I guess you're just going to have to try it out!

Team: SouthWall, Trub


" We will hopefully be the first team to enter the competition with a Microsoft Word macro written in VisualBasic. " - jtrain

Famous words. Dad checked the pyweek competition rules and said that we couldn't use Microsoft VisualBasic to make our game.

Schrodinger's cat is lost in space (literally, how does he survive?) In space, no one can hear you miao. You are a turret. We cannot observe where the cat is without killing it. The cat has nine lives (obviously)

Team: jtrain, kburd, danaran, rozifus

House Caldwell

First time entrant and I just read the pygame tutorial. :-)

Entrant: housecaldwell

Super Salaryman

Hey - i can promote Tau if i want to. Rock on pyweek!

Team: Smitty333, meshed

Improbable Rocket-Propelled Dinosaur Scientist

The Improbability Device has gone through a massive failure, and it's up to a scientist to get to the lab and fix it. Unfortunately, the device has turned the world upside down and the scientist into a dinosaur. Furthermore, probability atoms have been spilled that alter probabilities of things happening. Fortunately, the scientist has a rocket to avoid all those upside-down traffic jams.

Created in a rush in one day, so things may be a little shaky and incomplete. Requires pyglet.

Entrant: Tee

Tic-Tac-Toe Squared

I've only been programming for less than a year and using PyGame for less than half that time. This was my first PyWeek and I really enjoyed it. So the game I made for this challenge is Tic-Tac-Toe Squared, which is a lot like Tic-Tac-Toe only...squared.

Entrant: Math

Pywander - save the world in less than 9 times

Pywander - shooter game made with Pygame for Pyweek #12. In this game you must destroy THE BOSS before he tries to kill you 9 times.

Entrant: ReekenX

Midnight Flight

An arcade plane shooting game where player can choose from 9 different ship that he/she unlocked. Unlock all ship by defeating them in there level.

Team: jacarandang, Ventusse

A Cat's Dream

It's a long journey to earn the cake of your dreams...

Entrant: stycchio

Temporal Stability Breach

WARNING! WARNING! This entry is unfinished: it works, and is amusing for 30 seconds (esp. the fabulous voiceover track) but all you can do is drive around. Your tank accidentally fell into a time-machine. Ooopsie! Emerging bleary-eyed from the resulting timestorm, you seem to have emerged in a jungle, amongst stone ruins. Searching for a route back to civilisation, you find that the heavy mayan stone doors respond to pressure plates in the floor[1]. Surely there is some way to trigger the pressure plate so that you can get through? Your thoughts are distracted by a sound from the timestorm behind you... [1] not yet implemented.

Team: tartley, millenniumhand

Poop Fart

Chase 9 skulls around the 9th circle of Hell and collect them before the time runs out!

Source only, for now. Sorry!

The only dependencies are Python (2.6|7, other versions may work) and PyGame.

Team: TungTran, Mirza, Empyrean, trevorprater, jaardon, ashkanhoss29, jpro

Sounds of Hell

Click on the stage objects in order to proceed to the next level. Each object plays a sound at a low volume when hovered over, and full when clicked. A melody plays at the beginning of each level, as well as being available from the hint button. Score is calculated by number of clicks and number of hints taken. Lowest score is best. Theme is the Circles of Hell inspired by Dante's Inferno... - Programming in Python 3.2 using PyGame 3.2. - Only one level. Unfinished. Worked two days only on this.

Entrant: BUZN

Belle of Nine Fables

NOTE: this game is not complete - sadly, I completely ran myself out of time. A tip, if you have a look: head left; there's more to see in that direction. Belle Furriers, ninth daughter of the ninth daughter, thrice cursed and thrice again for good measure, is having a rather bad day. You see, having reached the requisite age, she has been deposited rather unexpectedly and quite without warning in some sort of creepy old castle... if you can call it that.

Entrant: mariofrog


Another PyWeek first-timer. I am relatively new to Python but saw this competition mentioned at PyCon and just had to get involved!

Entrant: davec

Alembic Flipper

You've just started your part time job at the local drive-through potion seller: will you be able to keep the job for nine nights and receive your salary?

Entrant: valhalla


The Noble Nine is an elite fighter squad of nine.

Team: Evdude, TheStrangeOne

The Roar

Save your lion taming career by making the right choices at 9 critical points in time.

Entrant: cyhawk


Hope to make something really cool this time around.

Entrant: gizmo_thunder

City Nine News

  • cnn-1.1.zip — Final upload, with corrected Readme file and full license info
You work in the redaction of a newspaper, the City Nine Times. Your task? Accomplish all remaining work before 5pm, while keeping an eye on the machines - if they break, you'll have to call the technician, and time is always short... Your best friend is the coffee pot, preventing you from falling asleep, so make sure to pay it a visit once in a while.
Note about the game: I forgot to warn everyone - in the first level, the coffee pot is right next to you - the status bar hides it from view, sorry! In any case, make sure to check the top row when starting a new level :)

Entrant: akira44


print "Hello world! :-)"

Team: lmmilewski, boogie, redu

jetpak guy

help jetpak guy save the princess. go through the nine portals(go through the portal nine times)

Entrant: Cody

Nine Disasters

An evil cult seeks to summon the nine disasters and resurrect their dark god to destroy the world. Nine generations of your family must thwart each summoning at a terrible cost to themselves. Unfortunately only three of the disasters are featured in-game due to time constraints and bad planning.

Team: scav, Strings

A cat has 9 lives

We are totally grizzled. Our Game is titled a "A Cat has 9 lives". Gameplay: The player can make Catty move in different directions using the arrow keys. There is a thrust involved when going forward and so player has control the pace. Catty will be presented with 9 lives, things which catty likes, which include mice, milk, wollen balls and other things. Catty has to collect all 9 lives to complete the game. They appear in random and some scroll past the screen and they are very quick to disappear. Catty has be careful while going in any direction because if it hits the surrounding barb wires, it is death!. Mind you, Catty has to claim it's 9 lives in 1 minute.

Team: phoe6, Levayaj, rakeshs

Carbon Based Lifeform

Here we go again!

Entrant: richard


Loopback: The core is under attack! You must defend the core from a host of invading enemies. Ultimately, the number of enemies arriving during the forty-five seconds of the game is far too many to take on; fortunately, you can travel back through time to rejoin yourself in fighting off the attackers, eventually weathering the assault a total of nine times. It features retro graphics incorporating several of your favourite geometric shapes and the ability to fight alongside eight past copies of yourself amidst a hundred-strong horde of exploding invaders.

Team: Chard, adam, ahdok, janrep


Note: if you are running from source and have speed issues please run the game using the -O flag


These are old links that correspond to my entries for pyweek newer versions can be found HERE


The aim of citySquare is to match up the tiles from the tray on the right on the grid as best as is possible in a given amount of time. Points are awarded for completed cities (the somewhat poorly drawn orange bits) and roads. They are however taken away if the city or road is incomplete.

Also note that scoring is skewed to give more points to large cities, so you should really be trying to make your cities as large as possible within the time limit. Finally, ensure that all of your tiles match up, and that any tiles touching the edge of the grid are grass, any invalid ignored for scoring purposes, don't waste those tiles!

Incidentally the easiest grid in the game is 3x3 meaning 9 tiles. And goes up to the nightmarishly difficult end of the spectrum where you will have a 9x9 grid. (yes it did drift from the theme a bit)


The controls are fairly straightforward, click a tile to pick it up click again to drop it. Dragging and dropping will not work, you actually have to click and let go.

Tiles can be rotated by right-clicking them or by by picking up a tile and scrolling. All of the tiles currently on the grid can be shifted around using the arrow keys. To view a breakdown of your score so far you can press hold tab.

And finally the pause menu can be accessed by pressing escape while in game

Entrant: Hugoagogo


  • Bunker.zip — Early submission as I won't be finishing :(
Single entry. Dabbled with pygame in the past, need something to focus me on delivering something in a short period of time. :) Coding on the train..

Entrant: telecoda

Ball Game

You control the ball that can change it's size nine times. The bigest size is nine times the small size.

Use left and right arrows to roll. Use up and down arrows to grow and shrink. Use R to retry level.

Entrant: kent_turbo

The treacherous salsa dancer

Paco and Julia were dancing happily in a pub when suddenly the best salsa dancer of the world appeared dancing the "love dancing" and making Julia to fall in love with him.

But you, Paco, has to get the girl back. Folling the advices of the waiter, you will challenge the salsa dancer to 9 rounds. So, you will dance 9 times and if you win at least 5 times, the girl will fall in love with you.

To achieve your aim, you have to repeat exactly the dancing steps just after the salsa dancer dance.

Entrant: yoldi

Nanji the Ninja and the Nine Ninja Signets

During her travels through feudal Japan, Nanji the Ninja discovered a mysterious building with unknown signs and runes on it which she does not understand. But what she does understand is the piece of paper glued on the massive stone door, clearly depicting a tuna.

Accompany Nanji in her quest to obtain the Nine Ninjat Clan Signets seemingly required to open the massive door hiding the probably biggest tuna stash in Ninjat history.

Team: ServalKatze, Zahmekoses

None yet

This will be the first entry from a couple of seasoned python programmers. We both have backgrounds in MUD development, but maybe looking to do some pygame/opengl for the comp. The team includes dmreichard, but I cant seem to find his username on here.

Team: daspork, dmreichard

Shattered Silence

Nerd Paradise: 3rd Generation - Members and friends of NerdParadise.com.

Team: ikanreed, blakeohare, infinip, Niels, Christine, Falun, Spears Dracona


Team: esehara, itkz

Forever End

Forever End is about the aftermath of a devastating impact by a mysterious artifact, which fractured time in three areas of the planet. In each level, three time periods are starting to merge together, and you must shift between them to reach your goal of finding pieces of the mysterious artifact, and uncover what it was that crashed into Earth.

Throughout the game, you'll have to figure out how to make use of the conditions and items of each time period to accomplish your goals and progress through the level. It's like an old-style game where you must explore and figure it out. The game will not tell you what to do.

Each time period is meant to have its own atmosphere, while staying in the theme of the level (though, there is much room for improvement here). You'll see fluctuations from the time distortions as parts of the other time periods flicker in and out of your active time period. This brings a sort of frantic atmosphere to the game as you know things "just aren't right."

This is a solo entry, and my first PyWeek!


  • Solve levels by platforming and using items across time periods.
  • In each level, there's a flotaing yellow artifact you need to pick up.
  • Arrow keys to move, space bar to jump/hover.
  • Shift activates the tractor beam to pick up items.
  • 1, 2 and 3 keys for shifting to alternate time periods in the same level.

There are a few debug modes:

  • F2 - Coordinates and FPS.
  • F3 - Bounding boxes and event boxes.
  • F4 - God mode. Cannot die, and can fly forever.
  • F5 - Switch to next level.

Entrant: ChipX86

Ninth Kind

This was our first PyWeek.

Team: joksnet, gleuh, cyqui, greg0ire, TOTOleHero, tocab

Pushkin vs d'Anthes

You can change the history and Pushkin can kill d'Anthes.

Entrant: grdshch

Nine Times

Nine clocks, Nine "times", One player...

Take part in this epic quest for points today!

Complete with vector graphics, green color and InstaPause technology!

Also features some redundant code that I forgot to remove.

Entrant: adrwen

Squares city

Throw squares to destroy evil circles. Requires: pyglet, cocos2d

Entrant: petraszd


Graphically program your nanite to fight other nanites in the nine by nine nanite arena. Launch viruses at other nanites to turn them into copies of yourself. Write an undefeatable nanite? Send you .sav file (renamed with your pyweek name) to rgbDreamer@gmail.com . They'll be uploaded in a script pack. Rankings for received scripts will be posted each Saturday for the duration of the pyweek judging. 4 Scripts so far: download them at https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0BybOXJ-to3WyMDg1Zjc3MmYtNDVjOS00OTg0LWI4OTAtMmY0MjBkMTFiNmVm&hl=en

Entrant: rgbDreamer

PyWeekMan vs. Dr. PyEvil

Time again for another pyweek. Great :) I'm curious about what will come and looking forward for programming and playing.

Entrant: Trobadour

Fractured Soul

Fractured Soul, by Team Multiverse Factory

Note to judges: I recommend playing at least through Act 2 (40% of the game complete) before judging the game.

Google project page

Team: gummbum, JDruid, ldle, kiddo333, Cosmologicon, nitrofurano, DR0ID

Time Traveller?

Will I even finish, having started late? Lets wait and see =]

Entrant: john

Neptune's Nine Tines

Someone has stolen the tines (prongs) of Neptune three favourite tridents. Can you retrieve these Nine Tines? A very unfinished game...

Entrant: thedavecollins

Nines Time

We're a group of programmer friends which help develop and use the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries on our work and for personal projects. All of us are game enthusiasts, so we decided to mix a bit of dogfood with our taste for games and also get a small demo for the python bindings of our libs. To get more information about the libraries visit http://www.enlightenment.org/

Team: bdilly, acidx, jprvita, antognolli

The Mysterious Tower

Photobucket The Mysterious Tower has been disturbing the balance of all nine natural elements. Each day, you have to help Rosewind and her friends restore an element of weather in order to save their village from destruction.

Team: logicow, blaz4633

See You Later

See You Later! A game about an alligator and time travel and an increasing number of small babies. If nothing else, this game should teach you to time travel responsibly.

Entrant: PhillipNguyen


Team Members: David Thompson, Steven Karrmann, Nathan Yelle --- Nonagon a shmup style game with a math puzzle twist. --- Our github repository: http://github.com/davexunit/PyweekWSU

Team: davexunit, skarrmann, kurogane21

Nine Tales of the Kitsune

The skaapsteker is an alert, somewhat nervous snake that is capable of very rapid movement on a hot day.
A team entry by members of CTPUG.
Collect the tails needed to progress from a tailless fox to a challenger for the nine-tailed Kitsune.

Team: stefanor, hodgestar, drnlm, confluence, oliverh, jerith, Ravenna

The Necrononagon, Part II: Song of the Nonagon

INTENSE is the word for NECRONONAGON! Boasting greater than or equal to 9 levels of nine health fury. This game will ASTOUND you with its thematic innovation. Full 3D ACCELERATION brings the Nonagon Song to life as never before. We have seen the WIND. On this date, the question is no longer "is the game ready?" But instead, "are YOU ready?"

Team: OOSolo, mstrange, gburnham, The_UnKnown, Darc

Pluto the 9th Planet

"we lost the lion"

This is the first game of Forked Tail team.
Game talks about Pluto, that has been considered the Solar System's ninth planet from its discovery (1930) until 2006, when it has been downgrade to "dwarf planet".
Pluto is not agree with this decision, and he challanges other planets within Solar System to show he is worthy of being a real planet. The challanges are based on planets main quality (speed of Mercury, charm of Venus, greenery of Earth, etc..).

Original project included a final level challanging the Sun, but unfortunately we didn't have time to complete it.
Enjoy the game!

Note: an unexpected supporter is secretly pulling for Pluto's crusade. Did you find it? It is very close to us...

Team: ilseppia, circusblatta, midnightstorm, ivi


A game by the name of NinthBullet. Naturally, it involves camels and paper rockets. No, not really.

Entrant: hidas


     N E I N

Nein is a 2D physics sandbox based around animal cruelty. Specifically, animal cruelty towards a cat.

Originally, it was titled "Nine Lives" but that seemed a little on the nose so it was changed to "Nein Lives" and then ultimately shortened to just "Nein".

Ideally, there would be multiple levels, more objects, and perhaps a level editor of some sort. However, hopefully while you're beating your cat to death with "Ol' Slugger" or shaking it until it explodes, you'll be able to see the potential.

The idea would be that there are 9 quick levels, and you help the mice destroy the evil nazi cat. We had a lot of fun ideas, and its kinda sad to not see them realized for the finish. We're sure many of the other entrants feel the same way.

The engine was developed from scratch using Box2D for the simulation. The was our first attempt at using a physics simulation engine. While it took a long time, we are pretty satisfied with the results.

So play around. Toss the cat, drop another cat onto it, beat em both with the trampoline, whatever your heart desires. Because after all, if you've got a cat, that's one too many.

This was developed with Python 2.6, PyGame 1.9, and PyBox2D 2.02b2.

Before you run, please check your system for the following:
Python 2.6
PyBox2D 2.02b
SWIG 2.02

You will get cryptic errors if any of those are out-of-date.


Team: serioussam24, bitcraft