Strings's entries

20 Datapawn Brunch Massacre 2.78
16 Rock-Paper-Everything 3.54
15 Blastosaurus Rex All About The Monsters 3.69
12 Nine Disasters Scav and Threads 2.88
11 Hextrap Scav and Threads again 3.87
10 Stratejelly 3.49
9 Flight of Chicarus Strings 3.36

Strings's awards

Genetic advantage Presented by scav for Rock-Paper-Everything

Gorgeous Flock Wallpaper Presented by ilseppia for Scav and Threads

"But where are the ducks?" Award Presented by gcewing for Scav and Threads

Gave me goosebumps Presented by superjoe for Scav and Threads

Victim of Skellington 2.3 (data on github) Presented by stefanor for Scav and Threads

Most likely to induce nightmares in apiarists Presented by gcewing for Scav and Threads again