Now with sheep and soldiers to defend them

Blastosaurus Rex

The exciting adventures of a colony establishing in a land from which no man has previously returned alive: A land of exploding dinosaurs.


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Overall: 3.7
Fun: 3.8
Production: 4
Innovation: 3.3

5% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 17


File Uploader Date
We're done I think
scav 2012/09/15 23:40
Now with sheep and soldiers to defend them
scav 2012/09/15 21:18
Fences are very little use against the mighty Trinitroceratops
scav 2012/09/12 19:43
The onslaught currently consists of some remarkably dull-witted dinosaurs
scav 2012/09/10 22:03
Peaceful scenery that belies the terrible onslaught that is to come
scav 2012/09/10 10:03

Diary Entries

Getting my head in the right place

Registered nice and early this year. Now I need to book some time off work.

I seem unable to add more members to my team without having a name for the game, which obviously I have no clue about yet. But I suspect Threads will be in on it as usual, knocking out music and code at a terrifying rate.

Pre-commitment: I will not be depending on my tdgl package this time. Straight pygame all the way. Constraints encourage innovations. Plus. tdgl is pretty clunky, and it isn't going to make the transition to OpenGL 3 very gracefully, so in the long run perhaps it's kinder to let it die. Kinder to me anyway :)

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Day the first: pre-production and aesthetic considerations

This day at 1 a.m. a meeting was satisfactorily concluded, in which it was resolved that

i) the entertainment be set in a land of exploding dinosaurs, from which no man has returned alive,
ii) the aesthetic and stylistic elements of the entertainment be consistent throughout the body of work, vis. all written material including the textual feedstock of the analytical engine itself,
iii) the first part of this day be spent primarily in contemplation and preparation for the great work to begin this evening.

Mr P. Scavenger, Chief Analytical Engineer

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Minor adjustment to the Skellington apparatus

Note from the quality assurance office

An adjustment was required to the Skellington apparatus, its handling of the apostrophe being less than satisfactory.

This small modification is being announced in the public interest, that others not discover this problem upon first exercising in an emergency situation.

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Day the second

A good start was made yesterday, and a fair continuation seems probable today.

But damn your eyes, Threads, get out of bed!  Those dinosaurs won't explode themselves you know!

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Day the third - Woe and catastrophe at github

It seems that the excellent establishment of Github & Sons is temporarily closed due to unforeseen circumstances. Work on our project can only proceed haphazardly, deferring the reconstitution of our disparate repository branches and the resolution of conflicts therein at some future time unknown.

Exciting times indeed.

Mr. P Scavenger, Chief Engineer.

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Day the fifth: Exploding dinosaurs at long last

Now the infernal creatures have a propensity to detonate when injured, causing damage to all nearby.

Good news for the project at hand.

Not such good news for the colonists who must contend with them.

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Successfully completed Blastosaurus Rex

Somehow, last-minute testing and polishing of a game that would probably do anyway is still stressful.  Always wondering if there's time for one small repair, or whether the last small repair broke something that you won't notice without playing the game for longer than the time you have left.

I bet there will be a lot of great games in this competition, and I look forward to enjoying them all. Congratulations to those who finished. Condolences to those who could not. Respect to all.

I can now drop the stuffy fake-Victorian persona, neck a whisky and go to bed.

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It's all pretty good

I think this was definitely our best entry to date, including all the solo entries from each of us. It was probably the most fun to write too. Better than Nine Disasters at any rate; may it rest in peace. Seriously. Forever.

In fact, I think I enjoyed this one so much that I'd be willing to continue development of it post-pyweek. This would mean a - umm - pretty big overhaul in terms of code-cleanliness, but if it means detonating more dinosaurs how could it not be worth it.

Some of the games up here look really promising already. Looking forward to playing them. Good luck to everyone and I hope you guys enjoyed this week as much as I have.

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Just a heads up:

Hey, just remembered there when I tested B-Rex on the windows machine, you'll need Python 2.7 to run it. Hopefully this isn't a problem for too many people though. D:

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Command-line options for AllAboutMonstrs entry

As usual we added command-line options to our, but in this case I forgot to mention them in the README

On Linux you can toggle full-screen with F11.  If you are on Windows or OSX I think you need to run: --full
to get full screen. Otherwise it's 1024x768 which on most monitors these days isn't all that big.
I remember when 800x600 carried a risk of eliminating half your potential user base, but I digress...

./ --help lists the other options.


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