PyWeek - All About The Monsters - feedback

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3 4 2

The menu, images, descriptions are all magnificent! The game itself is a bit disappointing
after that glory. The UI is clanky and the images are tiny. It's not too bad though. But when the
first dinosaur was supposed to explode (I think) I got this: Traceback (most recent call
last): File "", line 16, in AllAboutMonstrs.__main__.main(args) File
"AllAboutMonstrs/", line 27, in main shepherd.begin(start_state,
current_situation) File "AllAboutMonstrs/", line 55, in begin mode_name =
mode.operate(current_situation) File "AllAboutMonstrs/", line 30,
in operate self.render() File "AllAboutMonstrs/", line 150, in render
render_a_thing(that) File "AllAboutMonstrs/", line 122, in
render_a_thing image = visual_effects.reddened(image) File
"AllAboutMonstrs/", line 18, in reddened arr =
surfarray.pixels3d(redder) File
"/Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/pygame/", line 190, in pixels3d
return numpysf.pixels3d (surface) File
"/Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/pygame/", line 133, in
pixels3d return numpy_array(surface.get_view('3'), copy=False) ValueError: unsupport
colormasks for 3D reference array

3 3 2

Cute but pretty standard tower defense.

4 3 3

I love Conan Doyle's The Lost World.

3 5 3


4 4 4

Pretty fun game difficulty with the controls though, it also could have been a bit more clear
about when you get given more money and troops

3 4 3

Nice game

4 4 4

Stylish and cute!

5 4 5

I enjoyed the premise of this game, because exploding dinosaurs = win, and I challenge anyone
to say otherwise. I also very much enjoy the TD/RTS types of games, so this was pretty much right
up my alley. The sense of humor and whimsy was just a delicious, delicious bonus. I had a minor
glitch with a dinosaur becoming trapped and no soldiers left to kill it, but that kind of thing
happens. All in all, I was really impressed with this game, and personally would love to see a
more polished version someday!

3 2 3

Not sure how well it fits the theme. Sprites can be a bit bigger and with more detail. Otherwise,

3 4 3


4 4 3

The economics are a bit frustrating.

5 5 5

Love it! I love strategic games and I found it very funny and very well produced. Menu graphics
are very smart, all details were taking into account. Extremelly good job!!

5 5 3

That was AWESOME!!!

4 4 3

Surprisingly tense, and the menu screens are beautiful. I think I was almost done when an
Explodocus got stuck right by my undamaged ship, with nothing able to shoot at it. Perhaps the
ships themsevles should be able to fire. I started hitting keys at random, and W managed to
unstick the game. After doing that a couple more times, the dinosaurs all killed themselves,
and I won with a single ship and a rock.

3 4 3

I'd have be better if it included a tutorial instead of lots of text, but the encyclopaedia idea
it's great. Any way, it's a cool tower defense game. Congratulations!

4 4 3

I had a blast playing this game. It was a little difficult to find out which elements did what in
the game. But once I knew what to click and when it was much more fun. TD titles like this have a
well understood mechanic that is repeatably fun. You've brought an interesting theme which
was different enough to keep it feeling fresh for a few levels. Thanks for the great game.

4 5 4

Everything could be bigger it ishard to select figthers. Love the art

2 2 3 yes

It's something strange. I really don't know what to say...