logicow's entries

16 logicow 2013 DNF
14 Evil Dr. Logicow in Mind Control Island 3.31
12 The Mysterious Tower Team Rainbow 3.21
8 logicow DNF
7 Stringrolled 3.83

logicow's awards

Best Bear One Liner Evar Presented by Squish for Evil Dr Logicow

Tiny Plaid Ninjas Reference Presented by superjoe for Evil Dr Logicow

Jurassic Park style (Velociraptor without feathers) Presented by circusblatta for Evil Dr Logicow

Contains Cute Creatures Presented by allefant for Evil Dr Logicow

Weebl & Bob award for gratuitous walking Presented by mariofrog for Team Rainbow

Buju Banton's choice Presented by nitrofurano for Team Rainbow

Flawless Production Presented by adam for Team Rambo

Blast from the Past Award Presented by gcewing for Team Rambo

Best character switching Presented by saluk for Team Rambo

EGA-D! Excellence in Way Retro Graphics Presented by ZeroByte for Team Rambo

This game is dope! (in a very good way) Presented by HanClinto for Team Rambo