Egyption level, previous level 1 now converted into a tutorial. Finished all the logic I wanted (save for a few triangular problems), so I can now focus on content

Time Traveller?

Will I even finish, having started late? Lets wait and see =]


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Overall: 2.7
Fun: 2.7
Production: 3.1
Innovation: 2.4

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File Uploader Date
john 2011/04/10 11:03
Demo version
john 2011/04/08 19:28
Screenshot-pygame window-2.png
Egyption level, previous level 1 now converted into a tutorial. Finished all the logic I wanted (save for a few triangular problems), so I can now focus on content
john 2011/04/07 17:08
Screenshot-pygame window-1.png
...and a menu is coded in now (all save the hi-scores)
john 2011/04/07 14:48
Screenshot-pygame window.png
The last of the pixels didn't realise they were very ugly. Yes; I redrew you, sorry main character...
john 2011/04/06 20:22
Wuhay, level 1 "works", now for items to grab, killing zones, a portal out. The normal stuff ;)
john 2011/04/05 18:38
Collision detection works =]
john 2011/04/05 06:51

Diary Entries

Ooo-Kaaay - Late Start

I'm really facepalming at the moment, not realising pyweek was this week, and last Saturday at ~9pm started a new project (why not start three hours later? -.-). Now I have to think up a new idea and fit it to this theme, and have a shorter deadline than you guys.

Can I do it? Place bets here.


Progress log, day 2 (Level-test produced)

Major milestone for me, producing the level appeared to be far less work than I feared. Todays progress log is as followed, including the different times I'm choosing (not in chronological order...)

Stone Age
Ice Age
World War II
Space Race

17:05 - Perfected my collision detection

17:10 - Added in jumping

17:48 - Redrew main guy; noticed a bug when hitting the bottom of blocks

19:03 - Fixed aforementioned bug :-D

19:34 - Just finished showing off my really cool first level test to my family...W00t!

20:32 - Added in gem/pyramid collecting, things are really coming together!


Oh, and ignore the guy in the corner, he shouldn't be there :P


Progress log, day 3 (slopy stuff)

Todays going well, have had trouble with collision detection with slopy stuff (collision detection never works for me, it was my biggest source of questions during my first pyweek).

07:57 - Whilst I coded in dieing yesterday, I made it sensible today, as part of the change I made the screen move back to the start on death (Yeah, it scrolls ;))

18:11 - Much more optimised (thanks rgbdreamer!)

19:03 - Triangles all but work, time to add win conditions

21:21 - Redrew a few images, and drew images needed for win conditions.

21:57 - Added in win conditions

22:20 - Drawn a menu screen, need to code it in in the morning

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Progress is sweet

Just finished drawing level1, and need to fix a few bugs before continuing, but I'll tackle them later (nothing serious).

Now I need to do some music, screenshot below:

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Progress log, day 3 (Levelsss.)

Today I made my tutorial, coded in my menu amongst other things. Here's my progress:

7:38 - Coded in the menu screen

8:19 - Started coding the tutorial

16:45 - Completed the tutorial, starting work on level 1; this'll take ages :D

17:30 - Completed level 1

18:36 - Coded in level progression

20:35 - Fixed all triangle bugs (I hope), probably last for tonight

I also made the whole of level 1, but you'll have to wait to see it all! Here's a screenshot to keep you waiting:

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Demo Created - Sub Real

I've just packaged up a tutorial which includes one of the levels and the tutorial. I'd be really grateful if you could try it and tell me if there any major bugs that I've failed to notice in it.

Download it here:

P.S. Don't press "S". If you do, don't say I didn't warn you!

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Progress log, day 6 (Transitions)

Yesterday I've been doing loads of levels/bugs/demo which I haven't counted here. I'll hopefully be finished today.

7:40 - Created a load of images of letters

15:38 - Coded in level transitions, plus names

17:57 - Drawn two new levels

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Thought I uploaded yesterday, but got back today to find it had failed...
Anyways, due to time constraints and pygame messing me around, there are still some bugs to be wary off, triangles chuck you off the top due to faulty cd, and spikes aren't quite pixel perfect.

Also, the hiscores I didn't get a chance to wire up, nor music.

For the curious, it meets the theme by having nine different historical times, but again, I ran out of time for a story. Anyway, I hope you enjoy playing it, and remember to vote 555 (no dnw/dsq :P)


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