Progress log, day 3 (slopy stuff)

Todays going well, have had trouble with collision detection with slopy stuff (collision detection never works for me, it was my biggest source of questions during my first pyweek).

07:57 - Whilst I coded in dieing yesterday, I made it sensible today, as part of the change I made the screen move back to the start on death (Yeah, it scrolls ;))

18:11 - Much more optimised (thanks rgbdreamer!)

19:03 - Triangles all but work, time to add win conditions

21:21 - Redrew a few images, and drew images needed for win conditions.

21:57 - Added in win conditions

22:20 - Drawn a menu screen, need to code it in in the morning

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Latest screenshot, note the gems, slopy block and redrawn character in particular: