Ooo-Kaaay - Late Start

I'm really facepalming at the moment, not realising pyweek was this week, and last Saturday at ~9pm started a new project (why not start three hours later? -.-). Now I have to think up a new idea and fit it to this theme, and have a shorter deadline than you guys.

Can I do it? Place bets here.

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Well, up to today all I had was 5 classes definitions, while now I'm halfway done with the engine (it's a 2D thing, so it's not so hard though). As long as you start ASAP, I think you can do it.

Check the rest of the messages, you'll see some ideas going around if you need one. I (along, it seems, with a few more people) have taken the theme as a newspaper (you now, "The Nine Times" instead of "The New York Times"), so you could start from there; other ideas were oriented to cats (for the 9 lives thing), and someone else took it from the statistics point ("9 out of 10 times..."). I hope you can start from there.

In my case, I think I'll do something small and polish it as much as I can before the deadline. You may consider something like that too. Good luck!
I've come up with a concept, which you'll see when I upload todays log tomorrow... For now here is a screenshot of me wishing that I had real collision detection* instead of just blitting the guy at (0,220) >.>

*My biggest problem when coding my first pyweek project ever. I've learnt it now, honest!
Or maybe not 500 error...