PyWeek - Sub Real - feedback

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2 2 2

The floor has gaping holes in it. Generally, the pixel-based collisions seemed to lead to odd issues (although as a level mechanic, it's rather nice)

2 4 3

I like the art style. A few too many of the jumps aren't very forgiving of errors, which made the game too frustrating to be enjoyable, but it shows potential.

2 4 2

cool graphics, but sometimes a bit off from the physics (graphic not exactly matching edges)

3 4 3

Really solid platform physics, and I think the hand-drawn graphics really work well. I think they look just a little too crude - slightly neater would have made it look more polished.

3 4 4

The drawings were cool and control of sprite over the drawn lines were definitely very good.
Nice one. Gameplay line was sketchy.

4 3 3

Sound would add a lot.

4 4 3

Loved the whiteboard graphics. Would have been nice not to have to restart the game after dying.

3 3 3

The crude graphics belie a fairly well-made platformer. The mechanics are kind of weird, the way you keep jumping if you held down the up key, but it could be worse. The graphics do cause problems, when it's not clear what you can land on and what you can't (that head at the beginning of the Celtic level in particular kept fooling me), and it's not clear when the bottom of the screen is safe to walk on.

2 3 2

The scribble graphics are cute but I find the super-precise-jumping-or-you-die model of gameplay to be a little frustrating.

3 3 3

In some levels (i.e. Celtic) you can walk on the bottom of the screen, although you can't see any ground. It would be good if you would ALWAYS draw some kind of ground (can be just a line), so that the player knows where he falls down and where he can walk. If you add some music and sounds this will be very nice.

2 4 2

The art style is really nice, but the enjoyment was spoiled by the need for large numbers of absolutely precise jumps with death as a penalty for getting them wrong.

2 4 2

Really nice art. But game mechanics do not feel right. Movement is too slow. And You press "->" and it moves so slow, so slow... It really annoys me as a player.

So, I think it needs to tweak some constant and make that robot move faster.

4 4 3

nice graphic

4 3 3

I like the hand drawn graphics, and I enjoyed the game play. Nice :)

3 3 4

I found this game quite hard to be honest. The levels were fun and interesting, but I didn't get to see the other levels simply because I couldn't get to them.
Part of this game's appeal to me is the art. It's busy but not to obtrusive.

2 3 2

Kind of boring, because I'm spending over half of the playing time going through the same parts, you'd need some kind of save points in a slow-paced game like this. I liked the graphics and the time travel idea.

3 2 2

While I'm not going to complain about bad graphics the poor design makes levels irregular and hard to predict whether you can make jumps or whether you will even die.

3 4 2

I quite liked the art but thought that the player image was a bit out of theme compared to the rest of it.

Didn't finish the game after being quite frustrated due to collisions not matching up entirely with the art.

Still good job for a week

3 2 3

The art stayed cute just long enough for me to realise that the actual platforms didn't quite match what was on the screen. Combined with the prevalence of precision jump problems and having to restart the level every time I died, I got frustrated long before I left Egypt.

3 3 2

Nice game.

2 2 1

+ challenging
+ i dig the style
- unfinished

Work on it!

3 4 1

Liked the graphics, the game was much more fun with reduced gravity (1/10th) and invincibility switched on.

2 1 1

A crude theme can work for an art style, but not for the masks - you should have been more careful with mask placement. This game is really hard, but not for fun reasons. It's hard because the game doesn't show you the true shapes and borders of the platforms you're jumping on and spikes you're avoiding. Also there wasn't really a new concept here - maybe you could add some kind of game element to spice it up?

Reading over my comments here - I sound really mean. I'm sorry - I don't mean to be, and I appreciate the amount of work it is to even complete PyWeek. I just gotta give honest feedback. I hope to see you next time.

1 1 1