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This will be the first entry from a couple of seasoned python programmers. We both have backgrounds in MUD development, but maybe looking to do some pygame/opengl for the comp. The team includes dmreichard, but I cant seem to find his username on here.


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Overall: 2.9
Fun: 2.4
Production: 3.2
Innovation: 3.1

9% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 19


File Uploader Date
3rd final, last one
dmreichard 2011/04/10 00:04
Title Screen
dmreichard 2011/04/09 20:34

Diary Entries

Nearly Ready

With a little over 3 hours to go, we are nearly finished getting our game ready to submit. Admittedly we couldn't include many ideas that we wanted to, however I think what we have so far is a good start.

Going to submit a final here shortly with obligatory title-screen screenshot! =)

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In All It's Glory

Ok, got our final submission in now. I may or may not try to make some last minute tweaks before the competition ends, but at least it is a playable game with a solid mechanic. Enjoy! =)

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Thank you to everyone who responded. Unfortunately I have to agree with the entertainment value, if we had a little more time we would have been able to actually make it "fun" with what we were planning to do. Instead we had to rush at the last minute and throw everything together, instead of having challenges, levels, etc.

Was a blast working on something like this from scratch in one week however, and congratulations to the winners! Definitely deserved it.

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