Playing Pywander.

Pywander - save the world in less than 9 times

Pywander - shooter game made with Pygame for Pyweek #12. In this game you must destroy THE BOSS before he tries to kill you 9 times.


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Overall: 2.5
Fun: 2.1
Production: 3.2
Innovation: 2.1

Respondents: 24


File Uploader Date
Playing Pywander.
ReekenX 2011/04/10 19:36
Pywander game for Pyweek #12
ReekenX 2011/04/10 19:32
Startup window.
ReekenX 2011/04/06 21:12
And here is my Pywander game plan.
ReekenX 2011/04/06 06:21

Diary Entries

I've got an IDEA!

Finally I've got an idea for a game. I don't know it is possible to make this or maybe not, but I will try.

4 days and 10 hours till contest end, preparing for a long night...

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Game engine completed

Finally, after 8 hours of work game engine completed. I need to work more on idea I think (I've got new one).

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Something done...

And here we go.... After 13 hours of work I have game with:

  • Startup, How to play windows.
  • Enemies, Asteroids and THE BOSS.
  • Levels (and level files).
  • Moving background.

Well, no sounds yet, maybe tomorrow... Maybe :)

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Game submitted, what I have learned?

This is my second game I have created using Pygame. And the first game completed with Pygame ;)

Only in a week I learned how to use Sprites, some graphics, texts, sounds. So this challenge was not only interesting but useful. See you in next challenge!

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Last upload day

I have just reuploaded the game since some friends at #pyweek IRC channel noticed that bullet I have used in the game might be copyrighted. I have found it here:

Well, I don't know if it's real CC copyrighted work or not, so I have changed the bullet with this one:

Using also CC copyright. Next time I think I will use my own painting skills for the game, because Google with keywords like "<searching word> creative commons" you can find illegal sprites/musics/etc.

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