InstaPause lets you pause and unpause

Nine Times

Nine clocks, Nine "times", One player...

Take part in this epic quest for points today!

Complete with vector graphics, green color and InstaPause technology!

Also features some redundant code that I forgot to remove.


Daylight Wasting Time
Presented by gcewing

Most literal interpretation of the theme
Presented by superjoe

Minimalist Satori
Presented by nitrofurano

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Overall: 2.9
Fun: 2.5
Production: 2.5
Innovation: 3.6

Respondents: 22


File Uploader Date
Same as the zip file, but in a tgz
adrwen 2011/04/09 17:45
Version 1.1 in a .zip
adrwen 2011/04/09 17:44
InstaPause lets you pause and unpause
adrwen 2011/04/08 22:05
You can't really see MVC
adrwen 2011/04/07 22:19
Nine times
adrwen 2011/04/06 22:48
The function plotter, it sort of works.
adrwen 2011/04/05 18:08

Diary Entries


So this is the first day of Pyweek! It seems nine times is not such a good theme after all, I just can't seem to get any cool ideas.

On a side note: It's actually quite funny that Pyweek starts on a Sunday, where I come from the week always starts on a Monday (although I know it doesn't in the rest of the world). The ISO also believes that weeks should start on Mondays.

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Day 1

Today I decided on a game, here's a brief description:

1. The player goes to sleep
2. The player is teleported across the globe to a television studio in northern Europe
3. It turns out you are a contestant in a very popular game show, "Nine Times WHAT?!?!"
4. A series of graphs are shown each depicting a function f(x) such that f(x) = 9 * g(x)
    Your job is to identify g(x) in every graph, you are given a few alternatives to choose from
    Every time you can identify the function, you will be awarded a small sum of money.
    At first the graph is plotted in a very rudimentary manner, in order to identify all the graphs you
    will have to upgrade your plotting equipment. Each upgrade costs a small amount of money, the
    money is withdrawn from your prize money.
5. Finish with as much money as possible (1 000 000 SEK maximum)

Today, I have implemented the plotting device, even though I must say it's a bit shaky at the moment.

I don't have any classes on Wednesday! Awesome!

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Screw you math game!

After spending all of the week so far on a strange mathematical game I decided that enough was enough. Typesetting equations, recording lots of sound, drawing awesome graphics and all just didn't work for me in this time frame.

I spent most of the day pondering over what I could possibly do in half a week to replace the math game. Many hours, cups of coffee and papers wasted (you can't imagine how many papers I can fill with dots interconnected with lines without actually coming up with anything or even realizing that I'm actually sketching out the same game over and over)  later, I came up with a solution.

I set out to make up for the time I had lost and could with ease finish most of the game I had just "thought out" (I'm sure there's a similar game out there that I just don't know about). Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the most obvious game to fit into the "Nine Times" theme:

That's right! Nine "Clocks" each showing it's own "time". Your job is to hit the corresponding button whenever a clock shows twelve. The more accurate you are, the higher the score. If you miss by more than 50%, or let it spin an entire lap, your score will decrease.

It's not easy to play, but with a bit of fine tuning I believe it can become highly addictive.


Refactoring is FUN

Well, not really, but sometimes you just have to do it.

I did it today, and made great progress on the game. Not much has changed visually, but the following has changed under the hood:

  • The file structure has been completely redesigned
  • The game has been adapted to a more MVCish style
  • Lots of constants have been added, so that game is easier to configure
  • The player's greatest score is recorded separately
There have only been minor adjustments visually, here's a screen shot:

That's right, now you can see not only your current score but also your previous score, how much it has changed and which score you reached at most (it may differ from the current score if you have missed a clock).

I guess this is what I have left:
  • Making the text fit
  • Transforming the score to ints
  • Balancing the game so it becomes harder, easier and finite
  • Introducing the ability to lose
  • Slightly improving graphics
  • Making sure it's easier to keep track of your score
  • Making menus
  • Writing readmes
  • Applying a license (I feel compelled to try the EUPL - it's multilingual... no polylingual!)
  • Replacing the decorator mechanism that keeps track of the score, it's uncool.
The keeping track of your score part is really one of the most important bits, what would Tetris be without the high score?

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Day X?!?!?

Do you ever get tired of games? Have you ever wanted seamless game2coffee integration? Do you ever need to save your state so you can respond to real-time real-life problems?

Now you can!

With our new "pause" feature:
InstaPause lets you pause your game, unpause it and pause it again; whenever you want - wherever you want; endless fun guaranteed!

(Batteries not included)

Also in today's commits:
  • A bit of gameplay balancing
  • I moved some stuff around
  • Score is shown as ints
  • Text fits on screen