Violence - Level 7 - Play Background

Sounds of Hell

Click on the stage objects in order to proceed to the next level. Each object plays a sound at a low volume when hovered over, and full when clicked. A melody plays at the beginning of each level, as well as being available from the hint button. Score is calculated by number of clicks and number of hints taken. Lowest score is best. Theme is the Circles of Hell inspired by Dante's Inferno... - Programming in Python 3.2 using PyGame 3.2. - Only one level. Unfinished. Worked two days only on this.


Old School Packaging Award
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Overall: 2.0
Fun: 1.4
Production: 2.1
Innovation: 2.4

28% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 15


File Uploader Date
BUZN 2011/04/09 22:00
Violence - Level 7 - Play Background
BUZN 2011/04/09 21:38
Gluttony - Level 3 - Win Background
BUZN 2011/04/09 21:26
Lust - Level 2 - Play Background
BUZN 2011/04/09 21:24

Diary Entries


Found out about PyWeek on Monday. Programmed Tuesday & Wednesday. First level art & music Wednesday, also Start Screen, dimensions 1280*960. No work Thursday & Friday. New art with dimensions 600*800 for Start Screen, Levels 1, 2, 3, 7. Game will not be done in time, so I will submit Start/Level one. High Scores program written, but not implemented in game code.