Found out about PyWeek on Monday. Programmed Tuesday & Wednesday. First level art & music Wednesday, also Start Screen, dimensions 1280*960. No work Thursday & Friday. New art with dimensions 600*800 for Start Screen, Levels 1, 2, 3, 7. Game will not be done in time, so I will submit Start/Level one. High Scores program written, but not implemented in game code.

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It is typically considered polite to create your own directory when creating an archive of files. That way all of your game files are not placed all over my working directory. Also, this will only run on Windows machines because you hard-coded your file paths. Consider using os.path.join() instead. This game would not run for me. 
I took another look and saw directories weren't even used anymore and removed those from your source. Unfortunately your resolution is much larger than my laptop screen so it was still unplayable. If you upload another working copy I'd still like to try it out :-).
Also, please limit your frame rate. Currently your application uses 100% of my cpu. Look into pygame.clock. I should also note that the only way to close your application is via the quit button at the bottom (that I had to go through leaps and bounds to find due to the size of the screen). Please consider handling the QUIT event as well.