Final game screen

Super Salaryman

Hey - i can promote Tau if i want to. Rock on pyweek!


pixel-art lecture
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File Uploader Date
Final Game Screen 2.png
Final game screen
Smitty333 2011/04/09 17:03
Final Game Screen 1.png
Final game screen
Smitty333 2011/04/09 17:02
Final Game!
Smitty333 2011/04/09 16:03
Randomly generated background
Smitty333 2011/04/08 12:20
Work in progress shot
Smitty333 2011/04/07 07:04
Work in progress shot
Smitty333 2011/04/07 07:03
This is the player character for the game
Smitty333 2011/04/07 02:38
Title Screen (Colours flash randomly so it looks weird static)
Smitty333 2011/04/06 13:33
Title Screen (Colours flash randomly so it looks weird static)
Smitty333 2011/04/06 13:32

Diary Entries

Menus up and running + movement

Completed the menus and have finished a lot of the movement system. Will post some screenshots soon. I have a friend who is working on the art - will try to get him to create an account so he can post his progress seperately.
The game is a sidescroller beat-em-up, where, when your meter fills up you can grow to Nine Times the size for nine seconds.
Going to start work on attacks soon. Its gonna be pretty awesome.....
I hope...

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Name finalised

The name of the game has been finalised - 
 Super Salaryman!!!!

 Partially inspired by Super Karoshi (Go play that game, now!), and Kings of Power 4 billion % (Go watch it, now!)

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Getting there

Finally! Finished all the character animations! My code has gotten out of control, and has become almost unintelligible - Next time i will work on the code structure a bit longer.

 only have the enemies left to code and the random generation for the level and enemies (I have decided it will be faster to do it somewhat randomly as opposed to making levels and it does not require IO or lots of hard coding).

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Deadline Approaching but Getting there

Have finished random level generation and just have enemies to do. This will be pretty difficult but I do have a basic outline done which I can extend from. Hopefully (fingers crossed) it will be fun to play

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I forgot to mention the font that I used in the game and I cant be bothered uploading again to change one thing so I will mention it here'

 The font is called 'Wendy' and was found on

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For anyone who plays the game I recommend Fullscreen mode so you can see the little animation details that meshed has painstakingly worked at over the last week!


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Another little thing

I encourage anyone who plays my game to do three things 
 1 - Read the readme - It has all of the attack combinations and will help you
 2 - Try out the attack combinations before moving forward
 3 - Play the game quite a few times. The game gets much more fun once you master the control system

Also my high score is 350 000, so you can have a number to beat ;-)   

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