PyWeek - Tau is better than Pi - feedback

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4 5 4

Awesome. Very fun. I love how the graphics turned out and I like the music, too. This is definitely a game that I would like to see expanded, as having only one (infinite?) level eventually gets a bit tiring. Very nice job on this game.

2 3 2


3 4 2

Didn't get very far, or see the relation to the theme

3 3 3

Not a bad little side-scroller, and quite entertaining.

The growing to 9 times the size is really cool

3 5 4

A fun little game with a great sense of humour.

4 4 3

Really cute graphics. Gameplay needed a bit more variety.

3 3 2

Fairly straightforward game, but it didn't hold my interest for very long.

4 5 4

Great game!

4 3 3

Game play was nice and slick. I like the various moves for activating the different types of fire although I found the homing attack by far the most useful. Wasn't as tied to the theme as I would have liked.

4 4 3

FUN! Everything about this game was great.

4 5 4

Very nice.

3 4 1

Pretty nice. Colours for the enemies could have been a bit more distinct though. Hard to tell
them apart from the background!

3 3 2

If I have to master a complicated control system before a game becomes fun, I'm not motivated to play it.

3 4 3

Good sound effects.

2 3 3 yes

Did not follow the theme of the challenge

4 5 3

looks great

4 5 3

love the artstyle, it was a really fun game to play.

3 3 2

too much difficult

4 4 4

kill the robots!!!

4 5 2

It was fun for a little while, I found that if I kept doing the powerup where I jump in the air I survived better than if I tried anything else. Maybe make it a little clear when you're supposed to use which technique. I felt like the theme was kind of tacked on, which is why I only gave 2/5 for innovation.

4 3 3

Who wouldn't love a 9X giant supersalesman? =)


I played a few times until I got the hang of the controls, and indeed found this game quite fun. I only got like 37K, but I think I will be coming back to this one for more button mashing enjoyment.


The only place I noticed the PyWeek theme was in the super-size powerup. This could as easily have been done as an 8X or 10X powerup. Maybe I just had to look harder for others?

The back story/plot had an amusing spin to it, and laid the setting for a spoofy game--which was great, except it seems the avatar's graphics and the billboards were the only in-game iteration of the spoof. Would have liked to have seen more.


I got a kick out of the billboard and building marquis details! :)

The motion was smooth, and I encountered no mechanical glitches. Great job here.

Parallax layers seem to have become standard fare in 2D side scrolling games, and while they add a nice touch to this game I would have liked to have seen something more interesting in the back layer.

The different combination of robots provided a nice variety of challenge. Despite differences in shape, gray shading, gait, and attacks I found the robot appearances nondescript and this delayed my recognition of them. Anything to make them more immediately recognizable would be a welcome addition, e.g.: colored parts or blinking lights, or unique "I challenge you" animations. Even with the exaggerated pixel-art style (well done, I must add) this would have been quite doable, time allowing.


Please don't take my critique in the Production section negatively. My comments were only intended to illuminate what I think might make this a much better game. They're only opinions offered for your consideration.

I grant that many of the "shoulda/woulda/coulda" features and details that elevate production value are routinely trimmed on account of time during PyWeek. You should not feel compelled to defend your game against Production comments if you ran out of time. There is always Pyggy! :)

When you get right down to it, this game's final release stands as a good, solid, and fun game. I will be coming back for more. And really hope to see a version 2.


3 4 2 yes

it's polished, bells and whistles, great artwork, but ... it doesn't fit the theme at all, it doesn't even try! You might as well have developed it outside the competition.

It's still a very good job,though.

5 4 3

Great beat them all game.

It's just little small

4 5 3

I really liked the graphics and the combos and... the stdout

Where's the "Nine Times"?

4 5 1

NINE TIMES THE SALARY. ----- Oh man, I have no idea why I found that so funny. This game is great. I
love the music (where did you get it from by the way? it's an awesome track.) - the menus are
lovely, and the sprites are pretty solid for the time available (although I'd look to make
everything pseudo-3d-pixelly like the main character and pickups with more time.) ----- One
minor niggle for "fun" - it seems that the
aerial-charge-up-and-explode-in-a-giant-bomb-attack is waaay better than everything
else SSM can do, so I just did that over and over. Also, the score multiplier encourages you to
walk forwards quite slowly, and be very careful. Having (f/ex) it tick down slowly over time,
and also only ever drop by one if you get hit, would encourage hectic play, which I think would
make it more awesome. ----- I gave you a low mark for innovation, because I didn't really see
anything in this game that I thought was particularly new or innovative - but don't let that get
you down, this is a really fun game, well put together. I like it a lot. ----- I only found one
minor bug, sometimes giant salaryman doesn't unleash his attacks even though I've let go of
the spacebar. This caused a death a number of times for me.

3 3 3

Everything is nor bad neither exceptional, it is a normal game.
( i know it's rude i know there is a lot of work behind )

5 5 5

i couldn't run this game (due on library issues?), but the pixel art quality of the screenshot
of this game is so far beyond average, that i really bet this game seems Exceptional in
everything - i'm also seeing both from this team seems to be newbies at, and i really
want to see more newbies like them, for pushing quality and more competitivety on this
contest. as well, i hope still seeing them here in the next contests!

3 4 3

Awesome music. I noted that right off the bat. The way that you destroy bad guys is fun and cool
looking. But the controls feel a little sticky. It's neat that the levels are auto-generated,
but it lacks a sense of forward progress. I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere. So I got bored
kind of quickly. Also, you don't remain huge for nearly long enough! It was so disappointing!