Menus up and running + movement

Completed the menus and have finished a lot of the movement system. Will post some screenshots soon. I have a friend who is working on the art - will try to get him to create an account so he can post his progress seperately.
The game is a sidescroller beat-em-up, where, when your meter fills up you can grow to Nine Times the size for nine seconds.
Going to start work on attacks soon. Its gonna be pretty awesome.....
I hope...

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I have finished the players attacks and I have a friend currently completing the player animations. Currently everything uses boxes so it would be nice to have the images in the game. Try to move on to making the various enemies in the game. 
Not sure whether the game will have levels or will be randomly generated yet - I will pick whatever has the best combination of speed and quality

Enemies will be robots, enemy types to come soon!