Final game screen

Nines Time

We're a group of programmer friends which help develop and use the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries on our work and for personal projects. All of us are game enthusiasts, so we decided to mix a bit of dogfood with our taste for games and also get a small demo for the python bindings of our libs. To get more information about the libraries visit


Gentoo Ricer award for highest compilation time to playing time ratio
Presented by stefanor

I gave up in frustration getting the dependencies to compile
Presented by mauve

The Knife Institue award for living on the cutting edge of the cutting edge
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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 1.9
Fun: 1.4
Production: 2.6
Innovation: 1.8

61% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 5


File Uploader Date
Source code for final version
acidx 2011/04/09 23:58
Final game screen
bdilly 2011/04/09 23:55
Nines Time gameplay
bdilly 2011/04/09 07:27

Diary Entries

Nines Time (sic)

I've been traveling this weekend, and I suppose the other guys on this
team have been busy as well (as expected), so nothing was done until
last night.
But everything changed! We already have a game idea.

Last night I saw the chosen theme and thought: "OK, nine times,
repetition, nine lifes, cats... A game where you're a cat that need to
die 8 times and use the dead bodies to get to the end of the level. It
could be situated on Egypt, after each level you could learn a new cat
skill (like falling, jumping). A bit cliché, but cool". So I decided
to check the entries diaries, an advantage of starting later on the
challenge, maybe ? This idea was the most adopted =/. So another one
would need to be find.
Fortunately Thiago "bolaum" Borges joined me and Antognolli on a
brainstorm (it took about 3 hours), and we decided the game we want to

It will be called 9s Time, and will be about digit 9 tyranny over the
other digits. You are a 6 undercovered for years studying the 9s and
providing information for you HQ so you could stop them, but your arms
fail after years of handplant and you need to survive for 9 minutes
until your pals rescue you. What's your weapon ? Math, dude! You need
to operate the number trying to get you.

Btw, while looking the entries I had a delightful surprise: we're not
the only ones intending to use efl bindings to accomplish this
challenge. killdream is going to do the same, check at . Yay!


Initial commit

Last nite I couldn't dedicated to this project, so I just made a simple sketch for our splash screen / menu.
We definitely need to speed up things a bit in order to conclude this game in 3 days =)

If you want to follow the development of this game, take a look at:

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Screens sketch, hud sketch, basic input handle

I've just pushed a serie of commits adding a sketch for all the screens will need, including basic navigation between them. Also, in the game screen, a first version of our hud can be checked. It has some operation buttons, timer and scores.
Operations input is handled just highlighting the hud buttons.

Much more need to be done =D

To make you laugh a bit, check our screenshots. Yeah, yeah, it's fugly, I know...

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Sound and music were added to the game today, using bindings for Emotion library.

Also was implemented a cooldown for operations, so the player have to wait a bit before using the same operation again.

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Hacking nite

Tonight we had a hacking nite at home.
The entire team showed up and we spent some time together drinking, eating pizza and coding =D

I'm tired to write more right now, so I'll just leave a couple of images.

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Cool, we made it!

Although deviating a little bit of the contest idea, that was writing a python game in a whole week, we were able to finish our PyWeekend with a functional game and having had a great deal of fun.

There are still some known bugs that we might (or might not) be solved on the next few days and most of us will be happy to spend one or two nights without sleeping for another PyWeek in the future.

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Images moved to another domain and blog posts


I had to move images to another domain, so I'm re-posting them here. Images from previous entries will be broken from now.

Also, I and João have blogged about our participation on pyweek (we forgot to mention it here):

Game screenshots:

Game screenshotGame screenshot 2

Sketch images:

Splash sketchMain Screen sketchVictory sketchFail screen sketch

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